Saturday, February 6, 2016 | 12:19:47 PM
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Kerala Portal threatens bloggers
By Bala Shah

A number of successful bloggers are alleging physical threats, stalking, theft and abuse by popular Malayalam portal that runs matrimonial sites, classifieds, gift shops and even an adult site.  The bloggers are alleging threats of physical harm and abuse by the portal after they complained that Kerals was stealing their pictures and articles. is reported to be a part of Anashwara Group.

Anashwara Group, on their website, claims to have offices in U.S and Jammu Kashmir (India) employing over 700.
Events started to unfold when a blogger Saji noticed his numerous blog posts in Then many other bloggers (Rehna, Aliyu, Mayoora, Raj etc to name a few) noticed similar plagiarized contents and this resulted in a massive protest by bloggers against the company. Thulasi Kakkaats's (a blogger) pictures were taken and altered without permission.
As a preliminary action, many bloggers sent emails to, but the company responded with rude replies. Instead of solving the issue amicably, employees of Kerals banned bloggers who complained.  The bloggers say there were attempts to cyber stalk them and they were subjected to threats of physical harm.
Around twenty (and counting) bloggers came forward, painted their blogs black and declared ‘Black Week’ against this attitude of the portal Kerals. When bloggers persisted with their protest and emails, Kerals finally conceded and removed the blog posts.

Just goes to show that any concerted action by any blogging group can be as powerful as a social/political movement and can deliver results.  Many of the bloggers protesting against the portal are also from Kerala.

A number of bloggers have launched complaints with the authorities both in India and U.S.

At least one blogger told techgoss that continues to harass her and left a nasty comment on her blog as recently as last week.
Techgoss note:  This link has a list of all the bloggers who have complaints about

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