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Suneetha B wins HT Penguin contest
By DJ and Bala Shah

Few things give the Techgoss team more joy than seeing one of our talented colleagues Suneetha B win a prestigious national writing contest. The Hindustan Times-Penguin India One Amazing Story Contest has just declared Suneetha as its winner.  India has a wealth of writing talent and more than 600 writers sent in their short stories to this Hindustan Times - Penguin contest.

The prestigious contest was judged by the Penguin India editorial team and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of One Amazing Thing

Suneetha gave up a well paid job with a public sector insurance company in 2006 to pursue her love for writing.  And has achieved much in the last 4 years.  She has ghost written novels, created SMS books from actual printed books and also written some amount of fiction online which has received a fair amount of response. 

Kerala-based Suneetha writes fiction in English and poetry in Malayalam. She is also a Creative Writing Trainer with the British Council.

Suneetha has been writing for Techgoss for three years.  For Techgoss, Suneetha has interviewed a number of high profile Indians including techie cum author Farahad Zama who wrote ‘A marriage Bureau for Rich People’, IT professional Ravinder Singh who wrote ‘I too had a love story’, IIM trained Techie turned entrepreneur, Sarath Babu, and others.

For Techgoss, Suneetha also scooped the first Indian interview with Intel Fellow and Chief Mobile Architect Ajay Bhatt who starred in the Intel advertising campaign ‘Our rock stars are different from your rock stars’.

Apart from these interviews, Suneetha has written on a wide range of IT-ITES topics for Techgoss.

Congratulations Suneetha.

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