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IIT alumni wins $50000 tech award
By Sumir Singh

US based The Tech Museum is a non profit hands-on tech and science museum for people of all ages and backgrounds. Every year, it presents Tech Awards set up to celebrate the power of technology to address global challenges in the environment, economic development, education, equality and health.  Previous winners of the award include Nobel winners Al Gore and Muhammad Yunus.

The Museum, which is based in Silicon Valley, has a number of sponsors for the Tech Awards including Applied Materials, Inc., Intel, BD Biosciences, Microsoft, The Swanson Foundation, Nokia, Polycom, Santa Clara University's Center for Science Technology, and Society, Wells Fargo, SAP, Genentech, KPMG, Google, eBay, Qatalyst Partners and Accenture, Ernst & Young and Hewlett-Packard.

Jordan’s Queen Rania presented the awards for 2010, one of which was won by an IIT graduate who now lives and works in North America.  As part of the ceremony, 15 innovators from around the world were also recognized for applying technology in practical ways to resolve some of the world's most challenging issues. Five were awarded $50,000 cash prizes during the ceremony before a capacity crowd of more than 1,500 people, including Silicon Valley industry giants, philanthropists and political leaders.

The Tech Awards 2010 cash prize $50,000 recipients are:

Intel Environment Award: Peer Water Exchange, a project of Blue Planet Network

BD Biosciences Economic Development Award: Alexis T. Belonio, Center for Rice Husk Energy Technology

Microsoft Education Award: BBC World Service Trust, BBC Janala

The Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award: A Single Drop for Safe Water

Nokia Health Award: Venkatesh Mannar, Micronutrient Initiative

Mr. Venkatesh Mannar studied at IIT Madras before completing an MSc in USA.  He returned to work in India for 17 years before moving back to the west.  He worked for the United Nations for many years before starting his own Canada based company Micronutrient Initiative

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