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IBM India best for gender equality
By Techgirl

NASSCOM is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT, BPO and KPO sectors. It is a global trade body with more than 1200 members, which include both Indian and foreign companies that have a presence in India. NASSCOM was set up in 1988 and says its vision it to maintain India’s leadership position.  NASSCOM has just announced its awards for gender inclusivity

NASSCOM Corporate Awards to companies for Excellence in Gender Inclusivity is a key component of the NASSCOM Gender Inclusivity Initiative, to celebrate best practices in gender inclusivity in the work place and showcase the winning companies. This is the first award in India that honors companies that have implemented policies and practices for gender inclusivity and enabled women to contribute to the success of the enterprise at all levels in the organization.

The winners for 2010 across categories were:

Best IT Services and Products Company:  IBM India
Best BPO Company: IBM Daksh
Best emerging company: Conjoin
Best company with less than 1000 employees: Kale
Most Innovative Program: Nokia

This is certainly a good initiative and anything that supports gender equality in our country should be supported.

While browsing the NASSCOM press release giving details of all the winners and runners up, I noticed that NASSCOM has no recent figures of the Indian women who work in IT, BPO and KPO.  The NASSCOM press release is working on figures 2 years old and says: ‘Number of women employed in the Indian IT industry increasing from 421,460 in 2006 to 670,984 in 2008’

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