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Best job in USA: Software Engineer
By Sumir Singh

The American economy has yet to recover from the recession.  In the last few years, every American major including IBM, Google, Microsoft and now even Facebook has set up operations in India at the cost of jobs in USA.  But US based CareerCast, which describes itself as the Internet's premier career site for finding targeted jobs, is saying techies have the No 1 job in America.’s job database offers opportunities from all U.S. and Canadian newspaper, magazine, niche and TV station web sites powered by Adicio Inc., the Internet's leading developer of web-based classified advertising solutions.

CareerCast’s section features exclusive rankings of the nation's best and worst jobs. Its annual list reveals

The geeks strike back: despite enduring an industry bubble and the threat of outsourcing, Software Engineer ranks as the Best Job of 2011.

In recent years, the job market has increasingly rewarded math whizzes at the expense of less technical professionals. Jobs like Actuary, Mathematician and Accountant have all ranked among the best in America by offering a pleasant work environment, good salary and healthy job security. But in 2011, as the emergence of specialized technologies creates new industries, landing the year's best job requires not just skill with numbers, but a strong knowledge of computers too.

Software Engineer, a job that involves the design and creation of software for everything from operating systems to cell phone "apps" to interactive games, ranks as the best job of 2011, according to this year's Jobs Rated report. Surveying 200 different professions across a wide variety of industries, skill levels and salary ranges, Jobs Rated researchers determine their rankings according to five core criteria: Work Environment, Physical Demands, Outlook, Income and Stress.

The other most attractive jobs are Actuary, Statistician, Computer Systems Analyst, Meteorologist, Biologist, Historian, Audiologist and Dental Hygienist.


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