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Top Tester: Prize money to buy laptop
By DJ Varma

uTest is the largest marketplace for software testing services.  It has built up a global community of 14,000 professional testers from 151 countries who can find and fix any short comings in most computer systems. UTest has more than 400 corporate clients spread over every vertical. An Indian tester, Ranchhod Prajapati, has won top honors in the latest uTest Bug Battle.

This uTest Bug Battle was a competition which saw 1100 uTesters from 64 countries pit their wits and computing skills to find bugs in 3 of the top social media platforms in the world namely Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

Ranchhod won the Top Tester award worth $1000.  He also won an additional $200 for detecting a bug in LinkedIn.  While the prize money is not substantial, uTest has great credibility in the tech industry and so any competition winner develops serious street cred which may translate to prestigious assignments and job offers.

Techgoss conducted an email interview with Gujarat-based Ranchhod Prajapati.

Q. (Techgoss): What is your background?
A. (Ranchhod Prajapati):    I am 25 year old and live in Ahmedabad (India). I have got a Bachelor degree in computer science. Once I graduated, I tried to search for a break in the software testing sections since I am interested in QA field.  The first six months were a hard struggle to find a job. However, after six month I found good job in testing side. I have learnt lots of things from this job. I am currently a Senior QA in a company based in Gujarat, India.

Q: Generally speaking, what is the state of Indian portals as compared to Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn?
A: Actually in India most of the IT people use American based portals like Orkut, Facebook etc.

There are some good portals in India like rediffmail, etc. portal is the most usable website in India. Most of the jobseekers are using

I have not worked with rediffmail much, but to my knowledge it is a good overall site. Other Social networking sites are which is new but quite popular with Indians.

Q: Any hardware/software/ERP you specialize in?
A:  I have not done any official certification. Whatever knowledge and skills I have are built up from work experience and reading news/articles about computer system. I am particularly interested in testing web-based applications. I have worked more on Microsoft operating systems as well as web-based applications.

Q: How did you manage to be the most successful tester in this competition?  Obviously, much intelligence and effort into it
A:  I never thought I would win the prize, but I always knew that the bugs I had identified were good.  I found lots of bugs for this competition. However, I am new for Utest so I had a limit of only four bugs. So, I focused on High priority bugs which can help improve the computer systems. I feel that I have just done my work to the best of my abilities.

Q: What will you do with the prize money?
A: With the Prize money I am planning to buy new laptop. Currently I have a desktop and now I want to buy new laptop. My financial condition is not good. I cannot manage from my salary to buy a new laptop as well as great broadband connection.  Once I buy a laptop with great internet connectivity, I will be able to do more work online to help improve computer systems.

Q: How did you specialize in testing and identifying flaws to help improve computer systems?
A: After finishing college, I started applying for a job as a Developer/Computer Programmer. However during my study time, I became quite interested in the testing field.  I was first hired as a developer but after some time was given an opportunity to do some testing. As I was always interested in the QA field, I immediately accepted the opportunity. Today, I really enjoy this field and am happy to have chosen QA.

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