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Top ten sexy geeks 2010
By Techgirl

Violet Blue describes herself as a ‘foremost expert in the field of sex and technology’ and a ‘sex-positive pundit’ in mainstream media.  She has been written about in Forbes and Wired and interviewed by CNN and even the Oprah show. She has even been invited to speak at Google Tech Talks.Violet Blue has just released her list of ‘Top ten sexy geeks 2010’. 

While the list is US and Europe centric, it has many names recognized and followed by Indian tech journalists and techies.  America’s No. 1 tech blog Techcrunch’s British born columnist Paul Carr who describes himself as a new media whore has made it to the list.  Techcrunch is read by most Indian tech journalists and followed by tens of thousands in the booming IT-ITES sector.

The highly regarded open source community in India may be happy to learn that one of their heroines Crystal Williams has made it to the number 1 sexy geek spot. Violet Blue describes her number one pick Crystal Williams as

She is a clever clever girl indeed — and makes all the hacker boys (and us girls) swoon and purr with every smile and bit of trouble she stirs up.  Crystal Williams is the penultimate Hot Hacker Girl; she once wrote this thing called a thesis titled “When Piracy is Good for Software Companies” which we’re sure went over swimmingly at Adobe, and is the Vice President (Professional Services) for WorkHabit, Inc. (a Drupal-focused company) which is fitting as she’s pretty much the gorgeous face of Drupal — having founded DrupalCampLA and is currently working on DrupalConSF (registration now open!), BarCamp LA, BarCamp China and more. Williams is a privacy and security fetishist, can be spotted in the wilds at hacker conferences around the globe, and likely has an interesting keyring. She’s the hot geek for 2010, and a girl to look out for.

(Photo of Crystal Williams by Joi Ito published at the Violet Blue site)

Techgoss note:  Techgirl is a senior Tech journalist who reports on the IT, KPO and KPO Sectors for a leading media house.  In her spare time, she dabbles in satire in her blog

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