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Music, Motivation and the BPO
By Suneetha

Have you danced to desi produced ‘The Blog Song’ or been mesmerized by the ‘Vocal Chanting’ style, a combo of India with techno dance beats and deep bass? Wilbur Sargunaraj, the man behind this joyful, mind-blowing music is also a call centre specialist and a motivational speaker who will tell you to follow your heart to be happy.

Wilbur Sargunaraj spoke to Techgoss on his life and future and here is an extract from our conversation.

Techgoss (TG): Tell us about yourself home, family, education and so on.
Wilbur Sargunaraj (WS): My home is Madurai, Tamil Nadu although my roots are in Tirunelveli.  I grew up going to school in Darjeeling, Varanasi, and Calcutta and finally ended up in Tamil Nadu where my parents are from.  I consider Canada a second home as I have many relatives there and I do lot of performances there as well.  My Father used to play accordion and my mother is a great singer, this is why I enjoy so much music.  I don’t have a PhD, MBA, B Sc, and LLB ....etc....but I can be someone’s simple superstar! 

My education...I studied till Class XII....I was horrible in Math but loved English....trained in music....listened to a lot of music from around the world and traveling has given me the opportunity to learn music from different people!

TG: What is your Call Centre work background in detail?
WS: I love meeting new people so I started a freelance call centre.  I saw the plight of some people who were finding it difficult to talk to foreigners and were made fun of so I decided to start my own "Sargunaraj Super Call Solutions". It was great to have this but soon my love for music overtook this and I had a music agent from Canada knocking at my door.

TG: Tell us about your music.
WS: I love traveling with music so I decided to become a global reporter and interview people and learn about their customs and languages.  My travels have taken me to Japan , Germany, Cuba, Belgium, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the name a few.  I am now a full time musician and performer......I play a lot of drums and have received a sponsorship deal from Pearl Drums, Vater Sticks and Evans Drums Heads.

TG: How did you get involved with motivational speaking?
WS: Being on stage, performing all the time, has helped  me with speaking...not to mention meeting new people from around the world...all this has given me great confidence to speak...but you need to speak about something!   I am passionate about social justice issues here in India and around the world.....My relatives run a destitute centre for old people near Rajapalayam called Ponnagam which has received good reports from the Government of India.  I also love to speak to young people about their purpose in life and about staying away from drugs and bad habits!  I love encouraging the ones who are shy and don’t have friends.....the ones that think they are useless!   To give them hope and point them to God!

TG: How did you get the idea of the 'Blog Song?'
WS: In 2007 my sister and her friends made blogs.  They would keep saying to one another..."Please Check My Blog" .....I found this word and phrase humorous so I made a simple song.  I like writing songs about simple things in life!

TG: Who is the foreigner in the song?
WS: We are all foreigners!  White, Black, Yellow......we are all foreign people to one another but must do away with the idea of differences!!! .  The lady in the song chooses to remain anonymous for personal reasons but I can tell you she is from Canada and is a fantastic dancer.  She is also a great friend of mine. She has taught me some things about the West like the country line dance.

TG: What was the feedback to Blog song after it was uploaded to You Tube?  And after the popular blog India Uncut gave you a mention? 
WS: Some people liked the song so much....some people thought I was weird....I even got racist comments but I know some people are ignorant and have a closed view of the world....they need to meet people!!!!  CNN New York in the USA mentioned about the Blog Song and I was also featured on CBC TV and CBC radio in Canada.  I am yet to check about the India Uncut impact as I have been very busy with weddings in India and am now getting ready to do a field Trip to Africa.

TG: How are you using your experience from call centers in your current job as a motivational speaker?
WS: The experience that comes from talking to people from around the world and from different backgrounds has enabled me to learn so much.  I always loved talking about the product but more than the sell it’s a relationship of getting to know the person...that’s why maybe I needed to get out of the call centre business....I wanted to get to know my clients.  Talking to people has given me great confidence. Although I may have an accent to some people I am proud of the way I speak and I am proud of where I come from......but this does not mean I am arrogant........The world has so much to offer!  We are all citizens of the world.......It is indeed my dream to see all the people together as one.....This may not happen here.....but maybe in heaven......someday!

Wilbur is on a roll, his music and speaking is taking him places to spread joy.  Check out his site .

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