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Legal warning published
By Ria Sharma

Singapore-based Global Indian Foundation manages 22 international schools in 8 countries. Their schools aim to nurture global citizens with an international perspective that builds entrepreneurial skills from the very beginning.

On Jan 14, 2010, Techgoss had exclusively published details of how the Global Indian Foundation (GIF) had taken legal action against a Singapore based blog.  We thought the story would be of interest to our Indian readers as the school says its Global School Board of Patrons include a number of high profile Indians in the local IT-ITES sectors.

On April 14, 2010, Techgoss had linked to a Mumbai Mirror article which reported on the arrest of the Ex-Principal of the school who has now been granted bail. But the Singapore based blog totally denied key elements of the Mumbai Mirror report.  This was another example of new media being used to correct news reports in traditional media.

One of the most powerful Singapore media groups TODAY also reported this story last year.  In 2010, one of the most powerful IP, copyright and tech blogs in the world Techdirt also reported elements of the School Vs Blog court case.

US-based The Chilling Effects Clearinghouse collects and analyzes legal complaints about online activity, helping net users to know their rights and understand the law.  The aim of this exercise is to stop unwarranted legal threats.  Chilling Effects is supported by EFF, Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford and other elite institutes.  Powerful tech organizations like Google also support Chilling Effects

A Tipster tells Techgoss that Chilling Effects has published a legal letter sent from the school to the blog.  This is the Chilling Effects link which has a copy of the Global Indian Foundation’s lawyer’s letter to the blog.

Before the school took legal action against this Indian blog, probably a few thousand people had heard about it.  Today, the legal battle has ensured hundreds of thousands of people are aware of this blog.


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