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Facebook boss dances at desi shaadi
By Bala Shah

Facebook is the hottest social networking site in the world with more than 500 million members.  In India, it is well on its way to dominating Google’s Orkut. Facebook was founded by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg who is one of the most influential people in the world. In 2008, Techgoss had offered a reward of Rs 10,000 for details of Zuckerberg’s secret visit to India.

On May 8, 2008, Techgoss announced a reward of Rs. 10,000 for a photo of Mark Zuckerberg holidaying in India. The Techgoss reward news was picked up by a number of national American media like Gawker and Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital, as well as some Indian websites. All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher, in response to the Techgoss reward, wrote: “According to sources, Zuckerberg is in India and, in fact, all over the world, on a trip that is mostly for pleasure and contemplation, but also mixing it with some business”.

A number of people emailed and phoned in tips including some from within Facebook.  Most requested confidentiality as Mark is one of the most powerful men in the tech world. But Techgoss never got a photo of Mark Zuckerberg during his visit in 2008.

The India media missed Mark Zuckerberg again when he visited India during late December, 2009 and early Jan, 2010.  This was a private visit and included attending a close Indian friend’s wedding as well as visiting an ashram. Mark did not speak to Indian media during this visit.

On July 12, 2010, Techgoss had launched a Rs. 20,000 contest for human interest photos from the Indian IT, BPO, KPO and associated sectors. The best photo or photo feature will win a minimum of Rs. 10,000.  The runner up gets a minimum of Rs. 5,000. All other published photos will be paid a minimum of Rs. 1000.

Techgoss has published a number of photos which are in the running for the Rs. 10,000 first prize.  The photos published so far include a Genpact AVP on the dance floor, Grouse Board at 3 BPO, and most recently a photo of the Infosys Leadership team in New York which was snapped in 2000.

Today, we present you a photo of the brilliant Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, wearing traditional Indian attire, and dancing at his Indian friend and colleague’s wedding in Pune in Jan, 2010.  Techgoss has been given at least 4-5 other photos of Mark and his pretty girl friend at different functions of this Indian wedding which we may publish later.

(Tipsters, Big thank you for all your tips and photos. If you need to speak to us in confidence or write for us on a long term basis, email us at techgoss[at] Or use the Anonymous Tip form at the top of our website. Anonymity guaranteed. Unfortunately, we cannot use any tips which are not backed up by enough facts)

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