Sunday, August 28, 2016 | 3:47:05 PM
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Maths marketing guru
By Techgirl

Perhaps I should not generalize but any girl I know who has married a Maths whiz or a Physics expert has disappeared into the black hole of zero social life.  Their husbands are very intelligent but very intense and not very social.  Most fit the nerdy geek stereotype.  We journalists also have issues, but that is for another article.

But now I have been proved wrong. Very wrong!  Maths is sexy.  And Maths problem solving has taken a multi level marketing dimension.

An IIT educated math’s guru Rohit Gupta whose bio says that he has “explored a variety of artistic and technological disciplines for over a decade. And now investigates the mathematical discipline of 'symmetry groups', and suspects they are a fundamental aspect of the geometry of our universe” has launched a brilliant scheme to get a number of Maths experts to pay him and work with him to solve a great Maths problem.

Rohit has now launched a collective online ‘expedition to conquer the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics - the Riemann Hypothesis. By amateurs across the world.’ You can pay a fee of Rs. 4900 and join his online workshop to help solve the Riemann Hypothesis.

Rohit is also looking for ‘sponsors and private donors’.

And there will be student discounts when 20-30 people have signed up for this online expedition.

Rohit is playing it safe.  Once you have paid the Rs. 4900 you can start the work on Oct 19, 2011.  But be prepared as it only ends on May 5, 2016.  Probably no money back guarantees after the 5 year online workshop.

Rohit’s clever idea to fund himself has been picked up the world’s most popular geek site Slashshot.  Who said Maths and Marketing don’t mix easily?  I am waiting for the TV ads mimicking the brilliant Arindam Chaudhuri!

Techgoss note:  Techgirl is a senior Tech journalist who reports on the IT, KPO and KPO Sectors for a leading media house.  In her spare time, she dabbles in satire in her blog  Techgirl has been ejected from Twitter for satirizing an Indian Minister.  Her satire blog has links to her Times of India interview detailing her being kicked out of Twitter, and then being invited back.

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