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Gudville: Good Karma is rewarding
By Shalini Nagaonkar

Subhash B. Dhar is one of the most respected executives in the Indian IT-BPO Sector. He was  Senior Vice President and worldwide Head of Sales, Marketing & Alliances at respected blue chip tech giant Infosys.  Mr. Dhar was also a member of Infosys Executive Council and ran the industry business unit for Communication, Media & Entertainment, one of top revenue units for Infosys.

After a 14-year very successful stint as a hardcore corporate guy, Subhash Dhar has now turned entrepreneur with Gudville is a product of its founder Subhash Dhar’s dream of making capitalism work for social responsibility. Gudville is a platform that makes it possible for each one of us to impact social actions around us in a visible way by making informed choices about our daily economic activities like work & consumption. Prior to his 14 years at Infosys, Subhash was part of founding team of IndiaWorld, a wildly successful Web-based news & information start-up that was acquired by Satyam Infoway.

Techgoss caught up with Subhash Dhar (pictured above in the white shirt) to understand more about Gudville and his future plans:

Techgoss (TG): Tell us something about yourself.
Subhash: I am founder and CEO of EnterpriseNube. Through my more than 14 year stint at Infosys, I have gained vast experience in sales, marketing and business development functions. At the time of leaving Infosys, I was Senior Vice President and Worldwide Head of Sales, Marketing & Alliances. I was also a Member of Infosys Executive Council and ran the industry business unit for Communication, Media & Entertainment, one of top revenue units for Infosys.

In 2007, for my contribution to the World Economic Forum’s work group on Digital Ecosystem 2015, I was chosen to its prestigious Young Global Leaders forum.

I hold a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology, MESRA and a Master's in Business Management from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, both in India. I am also a member of the Board of Governors of IIM Bangalore.

TG:  After a 14-year stint as hardcore corporate-employee with respected tech giants like Infosys, what first drew you to entrepreneurship?
Subhash: Making ideas work has always been my approach to my jobs. When I joined Infosys sales team, it was a start-up with few people and limited resources. I had also worked for an early stage start-up before joining Infosys.

TG: How many days / weeks / months of thinking before you left a very lucrative career in tech to start Gudville?
Subhash: Several months

TG: How did you get inspired to launch Gudville/inspiration behind your business?
Subhash: Watching developments in Personal Technologies and a dream that socially responsible behaviour could be profitable not just charitable.

TG: What is your start-up all about?
Subhash: Gudville is about Personal Social Responsibility as we believe that if individuals record and share about issues and causes they personally care about, then businesses and institutions will listen.

You love pets and don’t want to see them suffer? You want to be a part of educating a girl child? You are a man who wants to teach women self-defence techniques? You want to be a part of the Go Green initiative? Gudville empowers people to raise a cause and get friends to support it! The more pledges and likes, more are the chances of your campaign actually coming to life. Gudvillers share their stories to inspire volunteers, raise funds, sign petitions and conduct polls. enables anyone and everyone build a cause and translates it to a campaign by inviting hundreds of people to support it. A phenomenon that was earlier difficult to think of, is now at the click of a fingertip and can go viral in a shorter period of time.

TG: Are there many people from IT, BPO, Start-up sector who are using Gudville?
Subhash: Not yet as we just finished building our beta.

TG: What is your greatest satisfaction in business life till date?
Subhash: Right now I only feel hungry and un-satisfied :)

TG: Have you made enough money in your tech career and now you feel you want to fulfill your ambitions of doing something for society.
Subhash: Gudville is for-profit venture not a charity initiative.

TG: Any message you have for entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
Subhash: Actually I am all ears for advice as I have barely started.

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