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Ex IBM India Director @IndianMoney
By Pulkit Sharma, one of India's most successful financial education companies and having a strong growth rate, has announced that Mr. Ramanand Baliga has joined the company as advisor to the board. He would be in the role of Strategy Consultant at IndianMoney. Mr. Baliga has nearly 35 years' of experience in the IT industry, including over 20 years at IBM Global Services India.

He has led several functions and departments in IBM and has handled several important roles in IBM. He retired from IBM in 2013. Prior to IBM, Mr. Baliga also worked with Hewlett Packard India as Engineering Manager and with DCM Data Products (New Delhi) as Head of Research and Development unit for mini computers.

"As we grow, it is a challenge for us to reduce human intervention in routine operations and with Baliga Sir's rich experience, we are sure that we will be able to build the most economical and efficient processes and systems to scale up our business manifold," says CS Sudheer (pictured above), CEO of IndianMoney. provides free, unbiased and expert financial advice/education to consumers on phone to ensure that they are not misguided while buying any kind of financial products. It is a free information portal for financial needs. The company was founded in 2008 by Mr. CS Sudheer with the sole motto that 'Advisers should not sell and sellers should not advice'. received angel investment in May 2011 by well-known angel investors Mr. Ravindra Krishnappa (Former Executive Director of Oracle) and Mr. Shekhar Kirani (Partner, Accel Partners). Since then, the company has grown more than 20 times in terms of revenue. Very recently, it also received its first round of institutional investment from Hyderabad Angels headed by Mr. Pradeep Mittal (Founder of Magna Infotech) and Mr. Srini Kopollu (former Managing Director of Microsoft India).

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