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Higher IQ more Drugs
By Techgirl

While at college in Mumbai, one of my closet friends dated this guy from a premier tech institute (Cannot name it because its alumni are among the most successful people in India and they will sue me.  Also, what happens in college stays in college).  One of my enduring memories is the cloud of cannabis that used to hang over most of their social events.  This cloud of cannabis hung over other colleges as well but it seemed to be smaller.

Why would some of the best Maths and Physics students in India who joined this premier tech institute smoke so many joints of marijuana?  Now, I know! Science Daily has published research that shows the more intelligent you are the more are the chances you will partake drugs.  And this is especially true for women.

When intelligence was factored in, the analysis showed that men with high IQ scores at the age of 5 were around 50% more likely to have used amphetamines, ecstasy, and several illicit drugs than those with low scores, 25 years later.

The link was even stronger among women, who were more than twice as likely to have used cannabis and cocaine as those with low IQ scores.

The same associations emerged between a high IQ score at the age of 10 and subsequent use of cannabis, ecstasy, amphetamines, multiple drug use and cocaine, although this last association was only evident at the age of 30.

The findings held true, irrespective of anxiety/depression during adolescence, parental social class, and lifetime household income.

Techgoss note: Techgirl is a senior Tech journalist who reports on the IT, KPO and KPO Sectors for a leading media house. In her spare time, she dabbles in satire in her blog Techgirl has been ejected from Twitter for satirizing an Indian Minister. Her satire blog has links to her Times of India interview detailing her being kicked out of Twitter, and then being invited back.

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