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Amazon Managers Mostly Male
By Sumir Singh

After resisting publicly revealing its workforce demographics, Google made public in May, 2014 the breakdown of workforce by gender and ethnicity. Overall, 70 percent of Google employees are men and only 30 percent are women. Of which 61 percent are white. In the Tech roles, as many as 83 percent are men.  Of which 60 percent are White. 79 percent of Google management is male.

After Google, Linked, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter also revealed their workforce demographics.  They also have a mostly male Leadership and mainly men in Tech roles.

Most recently, Pinterest, a top 30 global website which is used mainly by women, publicly revealed its workforce breakup and for a company which has mainly female users, its leadership and tech roles are taken by men.

In August, 2014, tech giant eBay which owns PayPal and many other online businesses had revealed the diversity of its workforce.  And eBay, which employs 33,000 people, certainly has more balance between men and women. As many as 42 percent of its workforce are women, and as many as 28 percent of its leadership is female. eBay has a very strong record of supporting its  LGBT workforce. It received a  perfect score of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) every year since 2009.

American Ecommerce giant Amazon came to India only in 2013 but is sparing no expense in becoming a major player in the Indian market. On July 30, 2014, Amazon India, which has 17 million products online, announced that it will invest an additional US $2 billion to support its rapid growth and continue to enhance the customer and seller experience in India.

Amazon has published its diversity report and like most tech companies, its management is mainly male and white. At a Global level 63% of all Amazon employees are male and 37% female.  But as many as 75% of all their Managers at a global level are male and only 25% are female.  In the US,  71% of their Managers are white males.

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