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15K to find techie
By Bala Shah

OpenStreetMap is an initiative to create and provide free geographic data, such as street maps, to anyone. The OpenStreetMap Foundation is an international not for profit organization supporting the OpenStreetMap Project. It is dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free geospatial data and to providing geospatial data for anyone to use and share.

OpenStreetMap has blogged about how a Google IP from India has vandalized some of their Maps

Google IP Vandalizing OpenStreetMap

Last week Mocality, a Kenyan business data startup, caught Google scraping their data and the post made it to boing boing. Mocality tracked this down with some analysis of their logs and a sting operation, even recording phone calls that Google staff made which contained false information. Google have apologized and the incident looked closed, at least from the outside.
Unfortunately we have to report something similar is still happening to us from the same source.
Preliminary results show users from Google IP address ranges in India deleting, moving and abusing OSM data including subtle edits like reversing one-way streets.

Two OpenStreetMap accounts have been vandalizing OSM in London, New York and elsewhere from Google’s IP address, the same address in India reported by Mocality.

The Techgoss article on the Google India link to the attacks on Mocality is at this link.

Over the years, Techgoss has announced a number of monetary rewards because of which we have got great leads and results.  In 2010, based on our reward of Rs. 10,000, Techgoss got hold of exclusive photos of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, attired in Indian clothes, dancing at a wedding in India (Photo at top of this article).  This reward was profiled in an article in All Things Digital and the photo was picked up and republished by sites like Gawker.

Separately, our reward for information about iconic sexy Indian cartoon Savitha Bhabhi led to its creator contacting us.

Techgoss has been handed Rs. 15,000, to be given to anyone who can tell us the full story behind he employee(s) at Google India who was involved in the Mocality and OpenStreetMap incidents. Was it a rogue employee or a group? And how was the incident dealt with within the organization? Anyone who can give us all the details of what happened will be handed over Rs. 15000 in cash.  Or in US$ via PayPal or an Indian bank.  No questions asked.  Anonymity guaranteed.

Quite separately, Techgoss has ongoing rewards of Rs. 5000 for anyone who can provide hard evidence of fraud and/or criminal behaviour on the internet in India.  Do you have evidence of any online matrimonial portal creating fake profiles to scam genuine members?  Do you have conclusive evidence of any Indian Ecommerce portal hiring a PR Agency to plant favorable reviews in a large scale way?  Or an Indian politician using Wikipedia to smear his political rivals?  Or a senior IT / BPO / KPO manager sacked for hacking a love interest or other inappropriate online behaviour?  These are some of the issues for which a minimum reward of Rs. 5000 is being offered.

How to contact us?  We are based in Sydney and ‘Contact Us’ on has all the details. Confidentiality and anonymity guaranteed.

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