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Indian Freelancer makes $922,716
By Bala and DJ

International website Freelancer has expanded outsourcing to a micro level. To date, over 890,000 projects have been posted on Freelancer, from projects as simple as designing a website ($200) or logo design ($30) through to as obscure as designing a functional Dune Buggy ($268) and composing a Rap song to help Chinese students learn English ($102).  It is a huge hit in India.

Techgoss was intrigued and wrote to Freelancer asking if any Indians were making big bucks on this micro outsourcing site. replied back with details of Website Design and Development Company,, who used Freelancer to expand a basic operation into 3 development centres with a current staff of more than 75.  This dynamic desi company has earned more than $922,716 from Freelancer alone.

Techgoss caught up with the COO of, Sanjay Dange, to hear of his association with Freelancer

We are in Website Development Business since 2001. Our concentration was limited to Indian market, especially Gujarat. In a quest to expand our business, we started exploring online business avenues and came across Getafreelancer which is now Freelancer. We joined Freelancer in 2004 and gradually consolidated our business presence. Today we take pride in occupying top position on Freelancer. Prior to working on Freelancer, we were working in Indian market only. As far as affect of Freelancer on our business operations is concerned, it is multi-dimensional:

• helped us to expand our reach and today, we are catering to almost every country in the world.

•It helped us in thinking out of box. We were doing well in domestic market and after joining Freelancer, we have been able to think out of box and adopt global approach in conducting our business.

•Knowledge Addition: Freelancer has helped us a lot in expanding our knowledge paradigm. Increased interaction with global customers has led to increase in our knowledge about web industry. It keeps us on our toes to learn about new technologies as per dynamic needs of global customers.

•Exponential growth to our revenues: Freelancer has given a major boost to our revenues.

•Brand strengthening: Joining Freelancer has strengthened our brand and today we are well recognized in various Global Markets.

•Never ending quest for Growth: Freelancer is a very dynamic portal and under the leadership of Matt, it is going places. The portal has recently taken over few other leading portals and our presence on this portal gives us extra motivation to work harder and think innovatively to consolidate our leadership position on freelancer.

I would like to add that Freelancer has changed our life drastically as it opened the entire world for our services.

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