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MS Love Story delay
By Sandhya

Regular readers of Techgoss are well aware that a large number of our articles are crowd sourced.  People send in tips, photos, story ideas and even articles. Many of our contributors have full times jobs in IT - ITES, and so prefer using a pseudonym.  A Tipster Sharmila (she has asked us to only use her first name) wrote in

Microsoft India had launched a Valentine Day 'My Love Story' contest which ran till February 29, 2012. On its website, Microsoft assured all the participants that ‘Winners will be announced on March 2, 2012. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!’

I was a bit hesitant about participating in the contest when I read the following terms and conditions which effectively gave the multi billion dollar software giant all rights to my love story: “The winning Participants hereby waive all rights and grant to Microsoft, Microsoft Corporation, US or its Affiliates a royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual worldwide license to copy, modify and otherwise use and distribute their submission entry and, or, any element of the submission, in any and all media and in any publication whether online, offline or on the Internet. Microsoft shall also be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such submissions or materials for any purpose.”

Don’t such terms and conditions look similar to what they use for their software they sell to half the world!  Microsoft has all the rights once ordinary citizens like me deal with them.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Microsoft India has totally disregarded March 2, 2012, as the Day it would announce the results, and its website gives no indication of a new Date to declare winners of its ‘My Love Story’ contest’.

Why the delay without any explanation?  Are they getting one of their Geeky Techies to chose the winner and  it takes him / her one full day to read 1 non geeky love story? And so it would take him weeks to go throw all the entries!

Know more about this?  Email us.  Rs. 1000 has been couriered to Tipster Sharmila for this interesting Tip.

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