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Evalueserve CFO Now COO
By Pulkit Sharma

Evalueserve, which provides research, analytics, as well as data management services to a global clientele, has appointed its CFO, Nand Gangwani, as the company's new COO. Nand will oversee the company's finances as well as its global operations. Manu Dangi, previously the vice president of Evalueserve's Financial Services division, has been appointed the country head, India.

Manu will manage Evalueserve's largest operations base, including key functions such as Offshore HR, IT, and Knowledge Technology (KT). She will also chair the Evalueserve Innovation Council, a global initiative that promotes idea generation and channels innovation - a key function which supports the company's mind+machine strategy.

Ashutosh Gupta expands his responsibilities and becomes the global business unit head for Financial Services. He is now in charge of global strategic initiatives, and sales and operations of the business unit.

Nand joined Evalueserve in 2008 as its CFO. In 2012, Nand was recognized as one of the top 100 CFOs by the CFO Institute.

Manu has been working with Evalueserve for 14 years. Before taking on her current role, she headed the fundamental research operations for financial services clients in India. She has been instrumental in building and growing the company's research capabilities to support our institutional and retail financial services clients. Manu has extensive experience in setting up, transitioning, and managing large-scale research operations, which has prepared her well for the country head role.

Ashutosh joined Evalueserve in 2006. In his new role as the global BU head for Financial Services, he will manage the Asia region, in addition to his existing portfolio of responsibilities. Ashutosh was previously an executive director at Goldman Sachs.

Photo (L to R): Nand Gangwani, CFO and COO Evalueserve, and Manu Dangi, Country Head, India and Head, Innovation Council, Evalueserve

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