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BMC Software India Manager
By Pulkit Sharma

IT Solutions giant BMC Software, which has more than 10,000 customers, has appointed Sunil Kumar Thakur as Country Manager for its India operations. Sunil will lead the team that will help realize BMC’s Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) strategy in India. Prior to joining BMC Software, Sunil worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software, Tata Indicom and Sify Technologies.

“We welcome Sunil to our team as we continue to grow our business in India. India is an important market for our DEM strategy,” said Gavin Selkirk, President, Asia Pacific at BMC Software. “Sunil has led various transformational engagements with large enterprises and we are confident that he will continue to do so for BMC.”

Sunil (pictured above) will be responsible for implementing the company's new "Living IT" strategy, placing people at the heart of IT with a revitalized portfolio of revolutionary products developed to make IT more agile, relevant and competitive.

Sunil holds an MBA from the University Institute of Management, UIM, Jabalpur.

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