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Advisor to RRS Info Solutions
By Sumir Singh

New Jersey based Mr. Dileep Srinivasan, who has held leadership roles in many Fortune 500 companies, has joined the Board of Advisors of RRS Info Solutions. Dileep, a regular speaker at many global industry events, will assist RRS in building the roadmap for their Digital Engagement strategy for sustained leadership and help in improving their Consumer Experience strategy.     

Started by IT industry veterans, RRS is based out of Kolkata, and has had a string of successes. Their digital engagement platform Hobbyseekho was recently selected by NASSCOM as a hot start-up for the NASSCOM 10K program. This platform is primarily used as a learning platform by hobbyists and talent seeking individuals. They are also launching an employer to employee engagement platform that helps in bringing greater employee satisfaction through increased engagement across their employee ecosystem that goes beyond individual employees and encompasses the families of employees too.

Speaking on the appointment, Subho Samanta, Founder, RRS Info Solutions said, "Dileep's appointment will help us in creating a long-term global strategy for our platform and will accelerate our launch overseas. Dileep will also assist us in defining and creating new revenue streams and bolster our growth."

Dileep is a Gold Medallist in his MBA at National University of Singapore and he has an Engineering degree in Computer Science. He lives in New Jersey and loves photography and travelling.

Photo:  Some of the RRS Team in India

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