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TheAgrihub Appoints CPO
By Supriya Singh

TheAgrihub is focused on stimulating the development of an open, collaborative and prosperous agriculture Indian e-commerce ecosystem that benefits consumers, merchants and the economy as a whole. Padma Bhushan, Dr. M.S Swaminathan, founder and chairman of MS Swaminathan Research Foundation and known as "Father of Green Revolution in India” has extended his support to TheAgrihub

TheAgrihub was founded in Jan 2016 and launched in April 2016.

Manish Agrawal (pictured above) has joined TheAgrihub team as their Chief Product Officer.  Manish has a MS degree from Purdue University and BTech degree from IIT Bombay, and he co-founded Picsquare which was bought by Infibeam.  His most recent role was co-founder and CEO of Techment Technology,

“Manish brings an expertise and vision in consumer-focused leadership and will use his experience and skill set to drive TheAgrihub’s work in creating better experiences for farmers and suppliers across India. His impressive record of consistently driving growth, engagement and execution will help TheAgrihub further enhance consumer-focus” said co-founder, Sidharth Kumar.

As CPO, Manish will be responsible for leading TheAgrihub’s product roadmap and innovation process while furthering the company’s overall business strategy. Manish had co-founded Picsquare as his first start-up and as CEO he was responsible for marketing and business development activities and executing the long term vision. Picsquare was the first company to be selected in the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (TiE-EAP) started by TiE Bangalore.

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