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Tech Visionary @Cloudistics
By Pulkit Sharma

Software company Cloudistics, which specializes in superconverged enterprise cloud platforms, has appointed one of the most high profile Indian origin technology visionaries Jai Menon as its Chief Scientist. Menon was the CTO for multi-billion dollar Systems businesses at both IBM and Dell. He joined Dell in 2012 to develop their technical strategy and build global alliances.

Prior to Dell, IIT educated Dr. Jai Menon served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technical Strategy for the Systems and Technology Group (STG) at IBM. There he set the direction for 15,000 developers, driving new growth-oriented business initiatives and developed external alliances with industry partners, VCs and universities. Menon holds over 50 patents and was one of the company’s pioneers in developing RAID storage technology, an IBM Master Inventor and an IBM Fellow (IBM’s highest technical honor). He has received industry-wide recognition as the winner of the IEEE Wallace McDowell Award and the Reynold B. Johnson Information Systems Award.

“Jai has a deep understanding of infrastructure technology, a history of innovation and a powerful record of customer collaboration,” said Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Cloudistics. “Our partners and customers will benefit directly from Jai’s background and innovative spirit as Cloudistics works to help businesses transform IT to a just-in-time and on-demand cloud model.”

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