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LinkedIn users like gambling
By Pulkit Sharma

We logon to social sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter to connect to family and friends.  The largest business networking site LinkedIN helps promote careers and business.  Many use these sites to pamper their egos and even find dates. Not surprisingly, big business finds its way to where the people are so that they can advertise and sell to their target audience.

Adage is reporting a new study by Anderson Analytics which lists the likes and dislikes of Americans who use such sites. The article reads in part:

Do you Twitter? Then you are more interested in sex than the average Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn user. Like LinkedIn? You're more likely to watch soap operas. Favor MySpace? You're probably not into exercise.

Twitterers are more likely to buy books, movies, shoes and cosmetics online than the other groups.  Twitterers are also entrepreneurial. They are more likely than others to use the service to promote their blogs or businesses. How do they keep going? Coffee, apparently.

LinkedIn users own more electronic gadgets than the other social networkers, including digital cameras, high-definition TVs, DVRs and Blu-ray players. How do they unwind? Here were two surprises among the things they're more interested in than the others: gambling and soap operas.

Similar surveys would have been done for Indian users as well.

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