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LocalCircles launch
By Asha

LocalCircles (, a local social network for citizens' daily life, has announced the invitation-based availability of its free online platform for citizens of Delhi NCR. This unique platform launched by the Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, allows a citizen to connect with all of their local communities (neighbors, colleagues, parents / teachers, local friends / family and common interest locals) in one place, easily find credible local information (finding a trusted pediatrician, or how to get their child admitted to a particular school) and easily seek emergency assistance (fire, medical, women safety, blood) from their local communities.

The key highlights of are

- Empowering and bringing communities closer
- Citizens to easily seek emergency assistance (fire, medical, women safety, blood donation) from their local communities
- Citizens to easily find "credible" local information on their day-to-day needs
- A real identity-based trusted network that lets a citizen connect with all their local communities (neighborhood, work place, school, interests) in secure and private networks

On this occasion, Mrs. Dikshit said, "LocalCircles is the need of the hour in cities like Delhi NCR. It is very important for both young and old people to know who their neighbors are. There is no better system to launch today in Delhi NCR than LocalCircles."

She further added, "Delhi has a participative governance model where 3000 plus RWAs come together from all parts of society. LocalCircles will add a new dimension by bringing a much more effective way for the RWAs and citizens in a neighborhood to communicate with each other. It is a great forward-looking initiative and I am excited about it. LocalCircles will make available important critical information that a citizen needs but does not have the knowledge where to get it from. This is a great step forward for Delhi NCR and I thank LocalCircles for picking Delhi NCR as the first place in the world to launch it."

"With what we have seen so far in our trials in Delhi/NCR, we are bringing back the sense of community which used to exist when our cities were small," said Sachin Taparia, Chairman and Managing Director of LocalCircles. "If you can keep in touch with all the residents of your colony / society using your mobile phone, a lot of good things can happen. When one neighbor asks his neighborhood community about a good pediatrician, he is getting answers and phone numbers and ratings from his neighbors within minutes. If someone has a medical emergency, they or a family member can go on their mobile phone and broadcast it to their neighborhood and even an external agency like a hospital close by. In that moment of emergency, a couple of neighbors on your doorstep can be a big help," he further added.


Photo: Delhi CM Ms. Dikshit, Mr. R.C. Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti and Advisory Board Member - LocalCircles (on extreme right), Mr. Mukesh Gupta, President and CEO - LocalCircles (in the middle) and Mr. Sachin Taparia, Chairman and Managing Director - LocalCircles (on the left)

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