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Techie‘s novel sells 10000 copies
By Suneetha

Rohit Gore has written three novels and been in the Consulting and IT industry for the last one decade. In his childhood, his ambitions wandered from a theatre actor, an architect and a bookshop owner. Techie Novelist Rohit, who has an Engineering Degree followed up with an MBA, says he feels slightly jittery as his fourth novel, The Guardian Angels, is being launched this month

But surely this talented writer should be used to launches by now? Actually no, I just found that Rohit has never bothered to flaunt his books before. And yet, his novel The Circle of Three has just crossed the significant 10,000 copies in sales. Techgoss has a chat.

Techgoss (TG): So The Circle of Three is going places and achieved a milestone in the market. Congrats, can you tell us what the original print run was? Is the book under another edition now?
Rohit Gore (RG): Thank you so much! The original print was, I believe quite big, which has been the strategy of my publishers. However it is fast nearing the first print completion. After the first print is done, I reckon we will go for the next second edition!

TG: How have your readers responded? Can you quote something that you really liked?
RG: The reviews have been surprisingly positive and to my great satisfaction I have received some great messages from literary reviewers as well as readers. One of the readers told me that he was going through a bit of depression after having some problems in his life. However, CIRCLE OF THREE has given him renewed hope in life and he is fighting it out. It really overwhelmed me, because the book is about finding hope in life.

TG: How has The Circle of Three been instrumental in getting you the next book contract?
RG: Well, I am very happy with the way Grapevine Publishers have managed the entire cycle of CIRCLE OF THREE. So in many ways it was a no brainer for me to go with them for the next book. I like to believe that they are also excited about having me as their permanent author!

TG: So the next book is coming out, tell us more about it?
RG: My next novel is entitled THE GUARDIAN ANGELS. It is an epic and tumultuous story of two characters who weren’t just each other’s soul mates, but were each other’s saviors too. It is probably the most ambitious of all my novels, in the sense that it actually takes the readers through twenty years in the lives of the protagonists. It is quite mainstream, unlike my other three novels so there is a bit more excitement around this one.

TG: How do you feel as an author of four books? When you look back, did you ever think this would happen?
RG: It feels unbelievable, because I never thought that my novels would get published. There can be no greater satisfaction than the fact that a publisher wants to invest their hard earned money in what you have written. It is a leap of faith that the publishers take with your writing and I guess that’s the biggest endorsement one can have about their writing.  However, my wife always had faith in my writing, and that encouraged me to keep pursuing it. More than I, she is the one whose faith stands vindicated! After four published novels, I am under no delusion of any success and I know that the journey of becoming a good writer is a long one.


Techgoss has interviewed Rohit Gore before which you can read at this link

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