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Satyam Techie is script success
By Resmi Jaimon

Rakesh Mantodi studied Computer Science and worked at tech giant Satyam Computers for 6 years. But he always had a strong desire to write and direct movies.  Rakesh has written the script for Thira (first in a Trilogy) which was released in November and has created a lot of positive buzz among film fans.  The highly regarded Shobana makes her return to Malayalam cinema in Thira.

Techgoss (TG): From the IT industry to the film industry; from being a software engineer to a scriptwriter. Tell us how did the transition happen?
Rakesh Mantodi (RM): First of all, it was not a transition. It was the desire, the desire to become a writer and filmmaker was there since long time. I was planning to be one, but then thought of doing a job for a few years. Even while working in a full-time job, I was trying to write. Slowly, I picked up the nuances of writing and was waiting for an opportunity. It was during this period, Thira happened.

TG: Share with us a brief about your first film as a script writer, Thira.
RM: Thira is a thriller, the story of a journey shared by two strangers, one women and young guy to find their lost ones. Thira is directed by my cousin, Vineeth Sreenivasan and another cousin (Vineeth’s brother), Dhyan Sreenivasan, is debuting in the film industry by playing the male lead. Leading actress and dancer, Shobana is the heroine of this film.

TG: Thira being a trilogy, have you started outlining the second series?
RM: Not yet, but we have identified some elements that need to be included and we are collecting the feedback from the people who watched the movie.

TG: When did you first realise your passion towards movies?
RM: When I was in my teens, a few movies changed my perception towards movies. I wanted to do something apart from watching the movies. The movies that changed me includes Malayalam movies such as Sandesham,Vadakku Nokkiyenthram, Kireedam, TP Balagopalan MA, Bharatham,Vellanakalude Nadu and other language movies such as Cinema Paradiso and The Silence of the Lambs.

TG: Who are your favorite scriptwriters and film directors? Is there any particular film personality who inspired you to step into the film industry?
RM: My favourite scriptwriters: Sreenivasan (big fan of him), KG George (both from the Mollywood Industry) Favourite directors: Sathyan Anthikkad, KG George, Priyadarshan, Steven Speilberg

TG: What kind of exposure did you have with regards to the films, prior to your entry to the field? Did you undergo training for scriptwriting?
RM: I haven’t had formal training in scrip writing. I used to watch movies and read lot of scripts.

TG: Tell us about your education and professional background.
RM: I am an Engineering graduate in computer science and joined Satyam Computers. I worked in Satyam for six years.

TG: Were you involved in scriptwriting or any film or theatre related activities during your work days in the IT industry?
RM: I tried to write screenplays but nothing came out well. I didn’t personally like the first one I wrote. I used to watch movies and discuss with my cousins Vineeth Sreenivasan and Dhyan Sreenivasan. We used to chat on movies for hours since from our childhood.

TG: What are you working on next? Where would you like to see yourself in the next three years?
RM: I am working on an adventure comedy. May be I will start directing movies in few years

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