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Price Tag on Love
By Hitesh Shetty

Shiv Kumar Thakur was born and brought up in Raichur, Karnataka and is currently settled in Mumbai. An engineering graduate from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, he has made a career in the IT Industry, exploring as many places all over India as he could. He is very passionate about Cricket, being a keen player himself.

Techgoss (TG): Tell us about your educational qualifications and techie background?
Shiv Kumar Thakur: I am Born and Bought up in Raichur, Karnataka. A Chemical Engineering Graduate from Siddaganga Institute on Technology, Tumkur, later an Employee of one of the India’s leading IT Company. I was lucky enough to have received an opportunity to work in various cities of India, like Lucknow, Mumbai and Bangalore, with the same company. I was trained in Dot Net, being a non technical guy it required a lot of hard work to fit into the job I was offered. I was offered a project on BizTalk technology and allotted to various projects in different cities of India. Today, with 3 years 8 months of total experience, I am a proud BizTalk consultant.

TG:  How did you inculcate interest in writing?  What message does your book ' Price Tag on Love' conveys to its readers about the marriage system in India and the ill effects of the inevitable dowry system?
Shiv Kumar Thakur: The desire to write has come in a year’s time. Mixture of the passion to express feelings and the horribly wrong things going in the society has forced me to deviate a bit from normal work, and work hard to become a writer. The basic two messages passed in my book, apart from a very interesting story involving Love, Romance, Drama, Friendship, values of Trust and unexpected twists and turns, are “Say No to Dowry” and “Stop Discriminating people depending on the religion they follow or region they belong or the language they speak , but, differentiate them with the character they are”. The book will take you to the unknown or unnoticeable, terror spread by the dowry system in India. Dowry has become a tradition and part of our culture, not just made by the uneducated, but also by the most educated humans of the society. We know it but don’t want to accept it. We know that taking dowry is wrong, but it is so tempting that we still don’t want to stop it from ourselves. The second message is for those people who restrict themselves from mingling from the other by interpreting the behaviour of the person, without even trying to understand him/her, because of the language they speak, Religion they follow and the part of the country he has been bought up.

TG: How do you juggle your role between a target oriented techie and the creativity of a writer? Which of the two actually gives you more satisfaction at the end of the day?
Shiv Kumar Thakur: Both have creativity in it; though the targets are fixed being a techie, it requires a bit innovation to achieve the target. But yes, both are two different fields, not at all related to one another. Concentration plays a major role here. It is very difficult for you to concentrate on the current work you are doing, either it’s working in office as a software engineer or being a writer. For Satisfaction, I feel I am happy with both, but not satisfied with any. As I feel one should be the same, one should be happy with what one is doing, but not satisfied, as Satisfaction stops your desire to achieve more.

TG: Why did you choose Dowry as a theme? What steps according to you should the Indian government take on a fast track basis to curb the horrible menace of dowry system from the Indian society, so that it never raises its ugly head again?
Shiv Kumar Thakur: The virus of dowry spread in the society has made me write against it. Dowry being strictly against the laws of our country, almost everyone is addicted to it. After all it is the only Non-Taxable income for us private Sector guys. Rules and regulations are already in place against dowry, but the awareness is missing. It won’t be a day’s act. It will obviously take a lot of time and hard work to get this in place. Government has to implement people who would visit the local Panchayat’s and bring the awareness that dowry is not the birth right given any one, but an distressfully illegal Act, which should be stopped. And every educated elders should bring up his child saying that Dowry is act adhered by Greedy people.

TG: How easy or challenging was it to find a publisher.  Normally, it is a challenge for every first time author
Shiv Kumar Thakur: It was a bit difficult and testing your patience, but I have decided to go for paid publishing and my publisher has been very helpful me a lot once accepting the manuscript.

TG: What is your next creative assignment?
Shiv Kumar Thakur: I am taking a step at a time, not looking too far ahead. Let me just finish with the first Novel and the second will be initiated soon. Following the Rule “Patience is the Key to Success”.

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