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Techie starts Mera Food Choice
By Hitesh Shetty

Many highly qualified Techies in India are leaving hugely successful careers to manage their own startups.  Meet Techie Piyush Suresh Kasliwal, who after a very successful career in the world of bits and bytes over many years, has started his own company.   While at Satyam Computers (now Tech Mahindra) and waiting to consume his favourite snack, he got the idea for his venture.

Techgoss (TG): Please share with us your educational qualification? Which IT companies and software did you work with?
Piyush Suresh Kasliwal:  I have Masters in computer application from Pune University and there after started working with Satyam computers (now Tech Mahindra). Worked on various international clients at Satyam in Microsoft technologies for few years and then I ventured into a relatively new company Remoba in Bangalore which had focus on mobile app. In both companies I gained a lot of experience from different perspectives. Then I decided to start my own company in 2010 and have not looked back ever since.

TG: How did you stumble upon the idea of setting up a startup, when you were just like any other techie who wouldn't think beyond projects and deadlines?
Piyush Suresh Kasliwal:  Projects, conference calls, deadlines and more deadlines. I always believed that the real purpose of technology was to make life easier and to solve real life problems. While I was doing that in some capacity with my "projects", it was diluted. Wanted to chase a deeper purpose with my skills.

TG: How did 'Mera Food Choice' happen?  What kind of constraints did you face in the course of starting up? Was there a personal incident that might have triggered the arrival of this startup?
Piyush Suresh Kasliwal:  While at Satyam I was coordinating and working with teams in Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Bangalore. Had to do a lot of travel between them and some other cities. I used to carry food from home or restaurant I knew was good, so that I don't get sick. It was in one of those travel days, while craving for one of my favorite snack, this idea came to me. We got to have access to good quality restaurants in every city and have food of your choice. So MeraFoodChoice was born.

The biggest challenge was asking the local well-known restaurants to do a tie-up with a new company for a new concept and where timely delivery and quality packaging is equally important. But I think we have successfully crossed that hurdle.

TG: You have lots of experience in predictive / gaming software for western sports like Super Bowl and Football. How exactly did you get involved in predictive software for popular American games like Super Bowl?  What does your software do?
Piyush Suresh Kasliwal:  One of our US based clients of Naman technologies was interested to develop apps in these area and we worked together with them to develop algorithms for predictive analytics. One of the applications was American football. It’s an intriguing area and we enjoy working on it. Games are always fun to work on.

TG: Did you save up enough finances from the IT industry before heading into the current venture?
Piyush Suresh Kasliwal: Finances are never enough right. With some personal saving we were able to start the companies, but I have taken financial support from my family and Friends and with the belief of our employees we were able to pull it.

TG: Do you like cooking as well at home? What are your future plans?
Piyush Suresh Kasliwal:  Sometimes, when my wife permits.

We have a vision for MFC and we are working hard to get to it. We want to provide good quality delicious food to everyone traveling. We want to connect people traveling with local specialties. Travelers should not have to worry about food while traveling. They can place an order online or call us at 8484 8484 26.

We want everyone to choose food of their choice through MeraFoodChoice.

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