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Techie Trends with his New Book
By Suneetha

He asks where his fans want him with his new book; there is a deluge of response and he agrees to almost all cities which beckon. He poses in home attire, on a bed strewn with advance copies he signs with special messages. A youth website posts six reasons to read his latest book. Sudeep Nagarkar is on a roll. ‘You Are Trending in My Dreams’, his sixth book, is already trending.

Sudeep has a very active social media presence, and reader-fans respond readily to Sudeep’s calls for guessing the name of his next book, sketching its covers, and making dubsmash videos. Earlier this year, when he suffered an accident as a rusted electric pole fell on his leg, his fans went crazy with concern. Later on his birthday, he arrived at an FM channel studio in an ambulance to keep a promised appointment for a birthday broadcast.
Sudeep’s five earlier books, written one book per year from 2011, actually two in 2014, have made it to the top of the charts, and continue to lead. And considering the responses to the ‘Groupfie’ contest for Friendship Week that Sudeep put up for his fans on Facebook in connection with his new release, the fans are just waiting. The book has already registered the best pre orders for any fiction book in romance this year, he says. No wonder, when the tagline of the book is ‘relationships are a fulltime responsibility and not just when it’s convenient for you’. But, he is not giving out any figures on the claim yet.

With so much happening, Techgoss caught up with Sudeep Nagarkar for a very short chat about his latest book, due to release August 25, 2015.

Techgoss (TG): Tell us about the new book...
Sudeep Nagarkar (SN): It’s a story of lost innocence and love which shows true love is finding that someone just as messed up as you are and making a messed up future together! It also shows that you don’t need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to be happy always, all you need is a friend who is constantly putting a smile on your face! The book revolves around four roomies Varun, Malvika, Ahana and Garima who are socially only marginally above what one calls them "the freaks". Varun is flamboyant yet sloppy who could instantly make anyone smile without even speaking a word. Brand conscious Ahana is gutsy, but more rooted. Going on a blind date is not a problem with her. Going on a second date is. Selfie queen Malvika is captivating and a girl one would rather talk to in bed than take to bed. Garima who is reserved with traces of innocence somewhere grew up between crying for a doll and for a person. Their friendship was ‘four’ever – whatever, whenever, wherever and however. But it takes a turbulent route as they go through massive chaos which sucks them into a deep, dark world. Can they survive together or fall apart?

I wanted to show that relationship is a full time responsibility and not just when it’s convenient to us. Be it television or movies, we have always portrayed girls as weaker gender. Through this book, I wanted to show that girls are not weak and when they are thick friends, nothing can come between them. It will reaffirm your faith in the magic of love and friendship.

TG: Is there any autobiographical element in it?
SN: Yes, like all my books even this is a true story! We live in a generation where keeping balance is mobile has become more important than keeping balance in life. Through my stories, I have always tried to explain relationships with a different approach. Somewhere I feel that today even though there are so many ways to connect with your friends, soul of friendship is missing. I try to keep the essence of friendship and love alive through my stories which can easily connect with the youth of today.

TG: How is this book different from your last books?
SN: It’s very different! Readers will come to know instantly about it once they start reading it.

TG: Which is your favourite book so far?
SN: Difficult to choose one of six but if I have to then I will select 'You're trending in my dreams' as I was personally satisfied after writing this book.

TG: Any new release-related plans? New formats of release or anything new about your new book in terms of its marketing plans?
SN: I am going to travel around 16 cities which covers almost entire India. So its a mamoth book tour. Apart from that

Techgoss Note: Sudeep Nagarkar is the author of three bestselling books, Few Things Left Unsaid (2011), That’s the Way We Met (2012), It Started With a Friend Request (2013),Sorry You're Not My Type, You are the Password to My Life (both 2014),.He has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University. He is also a motivational speaker.  Techgoss has followed his path of success in previous articles here. Sudeep has also figured in the Amazon list of the Most Successful Romance Authors.

Techgoss Note: Suneetha has done over 300 stories for since 2007. Her novellas on Amazon can be found here.

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