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Techie makes music for Hollywood
By Hitesh Shetty

Hyderabad educated Sistla Suresh is going places in his Technology as well as Music careers.  Currently working as a Manager in a blue chip tech giant in the USA, Suresh is a self-taught musician whose talents were most recently seen in a Hollywood film Trace. He says he plays for ‘my soul’s inner peace’ and has been inspired by many including The Beatles and Maestro Ilayaraja

Techgoss (TG): Tell us about your Educational Qualification? What kind of IT have you studied? Which IT companies and software did your work with?
Sistla Suresh (SS): I have completed my engineering. I am currently working as Manager in Qualcomm. I have worked on the Radio Frequency Software (RFSW) test team within Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT). My job is exciting because I get to test the various RF configurations of our modem chipsets, report issues, and learn in depth the smartphone functionalities.

TG: How and when did you get interested in Classical music and who were your first inspirations? How did you get started?
SS: I learnt Kuchipudi, a classical Indian dance form that originated in Andhra Pradesh, when I was 7 years old and did some dance performances at my school. I received my first instrument – a basic Casio keyboard – when I was 12. It started out as a hobby and grew into something more. I also play guitar, conga drums and a little bit of harmonica. I learned to play by ear.

My main inspiration was my dad. He was a great surgeon and a music aficionado. He introduced me to various genres of music at an early age for which I am very grateful.

TG: Where all have your performed?  What do you consider the highlight of your musical career?
SS: I have composed music for several independent projects, including three short films and one feature film. I also co-produced a short film called “The Hit” that played in a downtown San Diego movie theater. I also composed a song for Child Rights and You (CRY America) and directed the video. Both were in support of the nonprofit’s work in support of young girls.

TG: Could you take us through your recent stint in Hollywood?
SS: I have worked on a Hollywood film called Trace. Trace is an English film with Randy Davison as lead actor made mainly for film festivals that was released at reading cinemas San Diego couple of weeks back,

It is a short film made by talented crew who were part of Hollywood. It is a film about Greg, a troubled misfit who finds out more about himself that he ever expected.

TG: Where does commitment in music take you? What are your future plans?
SS: Composing music takes me to a different world. I imagine a situation and then start writing what I feel.

Padamati Cinema Ragam is my debut directorial which will be released soon. Its a 35 min film.

Photo: With Sri Tanikella Bharani Gar, a practice session before main event

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