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Techie Film Maker To Come Home
By Hitesh Shetty

Techie Sreedhar Kothapally started his tech career with IBM in USA.  Later, he would work as a R&D Engineer with Lucas Films where he would realize that his talents for storytelling / film making would be pursued seriously throughout his life.  His 8 minute film ‘Yellow’, which he made while at Ebay, has been popularly received and has caught the attention of movers and shakers.

Techgoss catches up with Sreedhar Kothapally

Techgoss (TG): Tell us about your Educational and Techie background?
Sreedhar Kothapally (SK): I have computer engineering background and currently work as a Big Data engineer at eBay.

TG: How did you first inculcate an interest in Filmmaking? Who were your first inspirations?
SK: This film bug was latent for a quiet a while and I finally decided to give it all so I can break in.  Shekar kapur’s ‘Mr India’ was the first inspiration.

TG: How did ' Yellow' short film happen? How did you stumble upon this title? 
SK: A short film is good avenue to experiment and learn filmmaking on the job. I wanted my first short to be something I can actually make without spending much money and learn a bit of everything.  Yellow is a silent psychological thriller and I wanted a title which doesn’t give away much about the short and yet the title is relevant to the story.  

TG: Is 'Yellow' inspired by the kind of films you grew up on or the person you are?
SK: I just wanted to do a silent film with 1 character in a room on the lines of Twilight Zone or Hitchcockian suspense.

TG: How has your engineering background helped you in dealing with the technical aspects of filmmaking?
SK: I think tech background helps working with digital cameras and also you can jump in and pickup the post production tools for editing and color correction, but it does take time to master it.

TG: Which are the films and Film Directors you admire?
SK: Vittalacharya Telugu flicks starring NTR, Kanta Rao and Shekar Kapur’s Mr. India got me addicted to films, Later, I got introduced to masters like Hitchcock, Coppola,  Spielberg and now Nolan. I definitely was floored by RGV’s Satya and am still in awe of Ramesh Sippy and Yash Chopra’s earlier work.

TG: You have just written a script about a cop thriller?  What is it all about?
SK:  It’s a new spin in terms of upping character IQ’s for both Hero and Villain and there is this tight one-upmanship play throughout the story with an interesting twist in the end.

TG: When do you return to India?
SK: By the end of summer 2016.

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