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Techie Leaves US To Help Farmers
By Hitesh Shetty

Madhuchandan SC had it all in the United States till last year.  After studying and working in India, he moved to US and had a very successful career in tech and consulting.  Madhuchandan even launched a very successful startup.  But in 2014, with his family’s blessing, he gave up everything to move home to help farmers.  His new career in India has also been a sterling success.

Madhuchandan, with his expertise and drive, has already helped hundreds of farmers in Mandya, Karnataka, by creating a cooperative and using modern processes that would generate revenue of 36 crores for the local farmers this year. His wife Archana, who studied with him in the same college, has been a pillar of strength in this journey to help struggling farmers in India.

Techgoss (TG): Tell us about your educational qualification? What kind of IT have you studied?
Madhuchandan: I have studied BE, Electronics & Communication. I have worked with IT giants Wipro and HP before turning an entrepreneur.

TG: What inspired you to take up Entrepreneurship? Was it easy or difficult for you to adapt to this new arena, compared to what you have studied or worked earlier?
Madhuchandan: I have been entrepreneur since 2005, I co-founded Verifaya Corporation along with my friends in 2005. Agriculture is my passion and I have started working on Organic Farming after my return from US, in 2014.

TG: How was 'Verifaya' born? How does the startup work?
Madhuchandan: Myself and three of my ex-colleagues started Verifaya (previously called TestingCzars) in 2005. We started with an initial capital of Rs 1,500 each, we were passionate about software testing and we all worked in the same field. During our days there was couple of test automation tools in the market, all these tools were developed outside of India and these tools were developer centric. Even though these tools were used by testers but it was more of programming based and a tester lacked coding skills. We wanted to build an script free automation platform exclusively for testers and that’s how we 4 testers came together and started Verifaya.

In 2009 we launched our script free test automation tool called Verifaya Studio, it was the first automation tool that was completely designed and built in India. Later Verifaya was funded by Intel Capital and we moved our corporate head office to Milpitas, today Verifaya has about 150 employees and we have customers across North America.
TG: How does your Farming startup make money? How do you plan to expand?
Madhuchandan: We plan to expand by opening more outlets across Karnataka, Organic Tourism, Organic Fitness programs and through online sales
TG: What awards and accolades have you received as a part of this campaign?
Madhuchandan: We have just got started and I haven’t won any awards

TG: Number 9 is your lucky number and right from your phone to business prices are driven by your desire to round it up to 9.  How did you realize that 9 is your lucky number?
Madhuchandan: From my childhood I like the number 9 and have always considered it as lucky.

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