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IIT Techie Donates Book Profits
By Supriya Singh

Arun Trivedi studied at Indian Institute of Technology and later did an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur.  Arun works for blue chip tech giant Cognizant and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, US with his wife, Sangeeta, and 2 daughters.  Passionate about feminist causes and equality for women, Arun wrote his first book ‘The Female Struggle’ which was published in Dec 2013.

Arun is passionate about women empowerment, business transformation & technology, apart from writing. His books are for a social cause and the proceeds for this book are for a not-for-profit company, ALC India that works for poverty reduction in rural parts of India.

The latest book ‘Fifty Percent Near’ was published on CreateSpace Inc. (An amazon company) last year.

Techgoss (TG): what is your experience working in IT / Tech industry?
Arun: I have been working in the IT/Consulting industry for over 13 years now. This includes about 12 years with PwC in India and US and over a year with Cognizant in the US. I currently lead the Sales & Revenue transformation practice for Cognizant in North America. My core area of expertise in SAP driven business and technology transformation and have worked across multiple industry segments.

TG:  How did you get inspired to pen your thoughts via a book?
Arun: I always had an innate desire to write and contribute to the community. My cousin, Malavika Sharma, who left her job to become a social entrepreneur inspired me. And that was when I decided to write a book on women empowerment and donate the proceeds to her organization. The second book also has the underlying theme of women empowerment and the use of technology and social media to enable a high touch art form into a virtual reality without losing the essence. I am working with another school friend, Sarat who runs a not-for profit company, ALC India that works for poverty reduction in rural parts of India.

My books enable to help contribute to the community - my small contribution back to the society. Hopefully, I can help more and more in the future.      

TG: Which are the authors you like reading?
Arun: I have grown up reading Shakespeare. I also love reading novels by Jeffrey Archer and Agatha Christie. Recently I have started following Chetan Bhagat and love the simplicity his books carry.

TG:  One of the underlying themes of both your books is equality and emancipation of women.  Why is this such an important thing for you?
Arun: Women constitute half of our population and it is my firm belief that in order to make the world a better place to live in, we need to do more to ensure we are not half-crippled. I also think it is everyone's responsibility to ensure we are doing whatever we can, in our own small or big way, to make that happen.

My wife Sangeeta is a stay at home mom and I am often  shocked when people ask me if my wife works, as if "going to office and working for money" is the only form of work. We need to change our mindset to respect women and all the work they do - be it at office or home. Education among women, even if they decide to stay at home, is extremely important. Remember, they are the first teachers of the children.

TG: Are you working on another new book?
Arun: Currently, I am working on another book of technology and new/emerging business models. Unlike my earlier 2 books, this is not a book of fiction.

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