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Techie’s Lyrics for Malgudi Days
By Resmi Jaimon

Techie Syamlal Cheruvelil wrote the lyrics for the Mollywood movie, 'Malgudi days'. According to the Times of India review ‘Malgudi Days is a see-saw ride between a children's story and a thriller. Borrowing elements from a real incident in Nagaland about a student who gets trapped in a school, this movie is laced with enough suspense to keep viewers on the edge of their seats’

Techgoss (TG): Full-time IT professional and a new entrant in the film industry. Tell us the road you travelled to be in the entertainment industry.
Syamlal Cheruvelil (SC): Even-though I was passionate about films and the movie industry, I had never imagined myself in this role. It came as a golden opportunity through my friend Visakh Sreekumar (Director, Malgudi Days) who used to like my poetry. So when he decided to direct a movie, he contacted me and thus it happened.

TG: When did you first start writing lyrics?
SC: I started writing poems at an age which I cannot remember. Now my collection includes poems from my high-school days. I still keep writing on various subjects whenever something strikes a chord with my thoughts. I have written lyrics for light music after I joined open Facebook song production initiatives.

TG: Tell us your earlier brushes with writing lyrics or the music industry?
SC: Other than Facebook song production initiatives, I have written poems/lyrics for my blog. This is my first experience with music industry.

TG: Share with us your professional and educational background.
SC: I am an MSC Computer Science graduate and I have been working in IT industry for a decade now. Currently, I work with Oracle India Private Limited as a Technical Architect.

TG: How supportive your colleagues, family and friends when you landed up with the first offer in the film industry?
SC: They were very much supportive and as well as my critics.  My wife was the first reviewer of my lyrics and then my friends. They always give a first opinion on how it will be received among general public.

TG: What is your nature of work in your present organisation?
SC: I have a full time IT job and poetry is my passion.

TG: What are your plans for the future?
SC: I hope to get more opportunities from the movie industry and I will put my best effort to come up with good lyrics.

TG: Share your tips for budding lyricists.
SC: Writing lyrics is very much different than writing a poem. A movie is always a director’s vision and he always knows what he wants.  So even if you feel that you wrote good lines, that may not be matching with the movie situation or the mood of the music. So be flexible and be ready to write, re-write and re-write until the musician and the movie maker is satisfied 100% and that will only give birth to a perfect song.


Techgoss Note: Resmi Jaimon is a Kerala based freelance writer, who is now keen on exploring visual media through talk shows, food and travel shows.  More about her at her website

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