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Techie’s Book On Carpooling
By Resmi Jaimon

Jatin Kuberkar hails from Telangana and completed his education there.  After a B.Com (Comp) he did GNIIT and landed a job at BaaN (now Infor Global Solutions) in 2003 in Hyderabad and has been with them since.  In 2011, he published a book of poetry followed by a compilation of short stories. Jatin has written his first novel 'Cabbing All The Way' which has been well received.

Techgoss (TG): Tell us about your book 'Cabbing All The Way.'
Jatin Kuberkar (JK):  Cabbing all the way is based on real life experiences. We were a group of 12 employees living in the same/nearby locality in Hyderabad and were working for the same company. During 2009-10 our office got shifted to a faraway location (about 35 kms from where we lived) and we all were severely affected by it. That is when we thought about the idea of carpool. But we did not have a car!! So we thought of hiring a 12 seater and our journey began. 12 minds, all of them different; different tastes, different priorities, varied outlook...we initially had some adjustment problems; but then we became friends; we made long lasting relationships, we fought, debated, helped each other professionally and personally... and the cab successfully went on for 4 years.

I am no more a part of that group now, but the Cab is still running on the streets of Hyderabad.

TG: How did the idea of writing a book on carpooling occur to you?
JK: I write Reality-Fiction, that is my genre. I am a natural observer. I observe people. Observation engages me and shows me how life takes twists and turns in the most simple yet bizarre situations. Honestly, I never thought that this journey would be this interesting that I would end up writing a book!! But as time passed, there was so much for me to get inspired and start writing about it. In December 2013, I finished the first draft but the book would never end! Because every now and then, there were more situations and experiences in the cab and I could not stop myself from writing about. Then finally in 2014, something happened that gave a perfect 'ending' to our story and that is when I thought to put a 'period' to the story and started editing it. 

TG: What were the challenges you faced while penning this book?
JK: I love is like a parole for me from the prison of complicated computer code. I wish I had completed the book bit took me 3 years to complete it and one more year in getting it to print.

So, the challenge was TIME. Apart from this, the other challenge was to find for a publisher as I don't believe in vanity publishing, I had to wait for more time to find a right publisher. Readomania has done full justice to my book!

TG: Tell us about the other two books you have authored .
JK: My first book was self published. It was a poetry collection titled 'Rainbow dreams' was in 2011.

Then in 2013, a compilation of short stories titled 'While I Was waiting' was published. The book has 26 short stories, again based on observations, when I was waiting on various instances (including my endless waits for the cab to arrive!!)

Cabbing All The Way is my first novel.

TG:  When did you first start writing?
JK: In school. But my handwriting was very bad (I mean, doctor handwriting!) so none of my essays, magazine submissions were considered even for a read. the love of writing was dormant until I was introduced to computers...and it began again with children stories. Once, on a summer afternoon, I observed a gardener working hard in the garden. The scene inspired me so much that I wrote a story about him. It was when I started with my blog...and kept writing on and on...

TG: What is your role in your present organisation?
JK: I am a Principal Software engineer. I work on various technologies incl Java, GWT, .NET, SQL etc

TG: What are you working on next?
JK: I am working on two books. One is a short story collection and the other one is a novel.


Techgoss Note: Reims Jamison is a Kerala based freelance writer, who is now keen on exploring visual media through talk shows, food and travel shows.  More about her at her website

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