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Bestseller Techie’s New Novel
By Suneetha

Sudeep Nagarkar, techie and bestselling author, is ‘trending’ yet again. He must hardly have unpacked his bags from the promo tours of his last book ‘You Are Trending in My Dreams’ before he has announced his next book, a seventh in six years, and getting ready to tour another 15 cities from May 2016. Techgoss catches up with Sudeep Nagarkar and “She Swiped Right into My Heart”.

One has to give it to him for the innovative ways he draws his readers in even before the book arrives into their hands. His social media pages are always interactive to its fullest capacity but just before a new book arrives, Nagarkar makes it a point to find out the best trends, just like this time. First he asked them to sketch. “Love sketching or simply doodling? Send your sketches to me and I upload it from tomorrow for the next 3 days on this page! Your sketch should be related to the title of our new book and 'She Swiped Right Into My Heart' should be written boldly on it. PS: You can use pen, pencil, colours or even computerized graphics but it has to be creative! Those who get maximum comments (Unique users) on their photo wins a hamper!” And he adds as a post script: ‘Also order the book’.

Then he took up the game of Relationship Goals, three questions thrown at readers over the weeks and prizes for answers too. The ubiquitous pre-order signed copies is an of course he obliges the reader with every new book. The fans  are going totally bonkers over the new release. One fan, Ajithabha Bose, made a short video about the new book; another, Vaishali Jain, did nail art with the title of the new book. Sudeep in return posted every single doodle by the fan club on his Facebook page taking the excitement to dizzying heights.

The Techgoss Team has spoken to Sudeep Nagarkar on all the occasions when he has brought a new book out, so here we are again.

Techgoss (TG):  Book no Seven loading and its 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 where you scored a double, 2015 and now has the journey been and how different are you from the Sudeep Nagarkar of 2011.
Sudeep Nagarkar (SN):  A lot. With each book, I have transformed as a person and for the better. Every character I have written about has taught me some positive lessons and I try to implement those in my life! Touch wood, all the books have been an instant bestseller and have sold in lakhs but for me important is the message that I am trying to convey. If few of the readers, message me that they loved the message that I portrayed then I feel my work is done.

TG:  Doodling and commenting were your ways to connect to your audience this time for pre-publicity. Can you run through your previous pre-publicity events for your previous books and evaluate which connected you most to your readers?
SN: With every book, we have tried to give something new to the readers. Last time I had done a groupfie contest which had got a huge response as the book was about group of friends. Before that too we had launched an exclusive song for the book which had almost more than 50,000 hits on youtube within a month of release. So it’s always a festive time when a book releases.

TG:  Your sneak peek says the new book has an unconventional story line. Are you confident that your audience will accept this slow change to be more daring? Tell us what you feel about it?
SN: Yes, the story line this time not only focuses on love and friendship but touches a sensitive topic of LGBT. It tries to spread the positivity around it and there are various other issues which are handled carefully. So it was indeed a challenge for me but of course, that’s what I believe, is my work! Trying to bring out something different and live up to the expectations. Also with each book, one cannot please each and everyone out there but still if the majority are happy, I can sleep peacefully.

TG:  How do you choose your titles? They seem to be your best badge on the shelf!
SN: Thank you! I always keep titles which can instantly connect to the youngsters and are trendy. Along with it, I keep in mind that each title should have a deep connection with the storyline. Along with my publishers, I discuss over the title from the time I start writing manuscript and it’s a continuous process till we are satisfied with one.

TG:  What next? When is the next book due?
SN: Can’t commit on it now as there is a 15 city tour lined up after the release of ‘She swiped right into my heart’ in May. The tour will go on for the next 3 months and then probably I would think about another interesting story.

Good Luck Sudeep Nagarkar.


Techgoss Note: Suneetha is a prolific journalist and author. You can read her novella on Amazon Kindle here.

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