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Chitrakaars Masters in Tech
By Hitesh Shetty

The booming IT, BPO and Startup sector not only earns more than $150 Billion in revenues for India, but it has empowered many talented techies to leave cushy, well-paid jobs to pursue their creative passions.  Four such young talented men have set up The Chitrakaars whose brilliant animated short films and documentaries have caught the attention of many international businesses.

Anil Bhargav (Masters in IT from IIIT Hyderabad) spoke on behalf of the team. The others in Chitrakaars are Sai Santosh Konduri (Masters in Computer Networks from London), Raj Billa (Masters in Electronics Communication from London) and Niranjan Sharma (Masters in IT from IIIT Hyderabad). Their company earned half a crore last year. Their many happy clients include Honey Singh, Justdial and data centre giant CtrlS.

Techgoss (TG): Tell us about your IT educational background? Which Companies and Software did you work with?
Anil (pictured above): we are 4 Co-Founders with Masters in Computer Science degree. Two of them have pursued Masters in IIIT-Hyderabad and the other two from United Kingdom country.

TG: What made you enter the unfamiliar world of short film making using PPTs? How did you stumble on this rather innovative concept?
Anil: We were all childhood friends having a passion towards creative arts. Though all of us are from technical background, we had good sense of design aesthetics as well which paved way to produce animated explainer videos for technical products.

TG: What inspired you to set up the startup 'The Chitrakaars’? What all went into you and your colleagues in getting started with it and the challenges that came along the way?
Anil: initially, two of us had to do software jobs and the other two worked full time to establish ‘The Chitrakaars’ to make it self-sustained.

We did get through turmoil at first, but later with sheer commitment and perseverance of teamwork we could grab the potential in market.

TG: Do you ever foresee filmmaking through PPT's to be a full time career?  Are there many in the world who can make this a full time career?
Anil: Yes, provided being creative they also need to understand the technology well.

TG: What is the revenue model of 'The Chitrakaars'?
Anil: We generate revenues by serving Video Products to customers in the form of Live Action Films which includes Corporate Films, Documentaries, Kick starter Videos and Animated Explainer videos which explains the core technicalities of the product.

TG:  Do any IT, BPO, KPO, Telecom or Startups use your innovative service?
Anil: we are collaborated with MNC’s in IT, Telecom industries and with startups as well.

TG: Which is the most interesting / challenging project you have worked on?
Anil: Every project we handle is interesting as well as challenging because producing any creative product have to undergo an intense thought process and that is the main reason for us to exist.

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