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Techie makes mark at Mollywood
By Resmi Jaimon

Rakesh Kesavan completed BSc. Computer Applications in 2007,  and was placed in Infosys Technologies. After training in Mysore and working at Infosys Bangalore for two and half years, he moved to Kochi, Kerala.  He is currently a Data Operations Administrator at Xerox Services India at Infopark, Kerala. Apart from his tech jobs, he has had lots of success in the world of music.

Techgoss had first met Rakesh in 2013 when he was part of a team which created the popular Biennale Song for the hugely successful The Kochi-Muziris Biennale, an international exhibition of national and international contemporary art.

Rakesh Kesavan has now also worked as a Music Director at Mollywood.

Techgoss (TG): Share with us your journey from Kochi Biennale to your debut as a music director in Mollywood.
Rakesh Kesavan (RK): Kochi Biennale Song of my Band “PeppyTunes’ went viral which made me work with Johnson V Devassy in his first film ‘Out Of Range’. I met Manoj Aravindakshan, the Director of my first released film ‘Swargathekkal Sundaram’ during the production of ‘Out of Range’ (initially announced as “HOLYSH!T’) as he was the Associate  Director of that project. I am in touch with Manoj for more than two  years and I am a part of that team too. So he already had me in his  mind for his first film. That’s what made me to be a part of Malayalam  Film Industry now.

TG: What were the challenges you faced while composing music for the movie?
RK: Composing music based on a situation is always challenging as it is a highly restricted job. We need to keep a lot of things in mind  such as the genre of film, the subject it handles, the characters,  artists who handle the lead roles etc. I tried to avoid the repeated  styles and sounding we usually hear through Malayalam film songs.  A  composer is always expected to introduce a new style though his/her  first work. That’s always challenging.

TG: Tell us of the interesting experiences you had while composing  music for the movie.
RK: I had to give a lot of options to the crew to finalize the two  songs of the film though multiple reworks which I actually enjoyed as  I could do a lot of experiments. Then, it gave a lot of good moments  to me as I had my friends circle to work with, involvement of many  legendary musicians as part of the works. And more that all these, the  legendary ‘Tharangini Records’ Came back to Malayalam Film Music  distributions through ‘Swargathekkal sundaram’ Audio Launch after a  pause of several years.

TG: Are you considering moving out of the IT industry and making  music, your full time profession?
RK: No plans as such for now. I really wish to do more in Music. But  currently the plan is to go ahead as it is. I have more  responsibilities now in my current job with Xerox Services and need to  do a justice to that too. I have done a good effort to achieve the  current position in IT industry as well which cannot be given up  easily. So, I wish to handle both in parallel as much as I can.

TG: What advice do have for the aspiring music directors?
RK: In fact, I am no one to give advices to anyone now as I am just  after completing my initial steps as a composer. The only thing I wish  to tell those who want to try composing in coming days is – “Be a  music lover first. The more you love or learn music, the more you  produce. Also, the word ‘Music director’ is just for films, a composer  is more than that. Because, music has its life and existing even  outside films. So don’t  just focus on Filmy stuff, but you have many  other things to do with music.”

TG: What are you working on next?
RK:  Currently there are two films in the pipeline. One is ‘Aana-Mayil-Ottakam’ which is in progress and expected to release in  July 2015. The other one is in discussion. ‘Out of Range’, my first  film is completed sometime back and still waiting for the release of  its Malayalam and Tamil Versions. Meantime, I will be working with my  band members of ‘PeppyTunes’ for more music videos, stage events,  musical workshops etc. Also, I am assisting Hesham Abdul Wahab, my  friend, a singer and a composer for his upcoming Bollywood film and  his Sufi album.


Techgoss Note:  Resmi Jaimon is a Kerala based freelance writer, who is now keen  on exploring visual media through talk shows, food and travel shows.  More about her at her website

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