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ITPIO Chapter now in Pune
By Pulkit Sharma

The International Association of Indian IT (Information Technology) Professionals (ITPIO) launched its Pune Chapter on Oct 3 at the Symantec Offices in Baner. ITPIO is a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on fostering the leadership and personal development for IT professionals of Indian Origin. ITPIO was originally launched in the Silicon Valley, USA.

In addition to the newly launched Pune Chapter, ITPIO has chapters in Denver, Washington DC, Seattle, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Singapore.

Founded in 2009, the main objective of ITPIO is to bring together the Indian IT professionals from all over the world, to educate them on the latest trends in the industry, foster the leadership, incubate product innovation, advocate the issues related to IT profession, interacting with education policy makers and continuously improve the IT related education.

The Pune Chapter was inaugurated by Mr Ravi Gogte, industry consultant in high-end embedded systems and a community leader in Pune. “Two decades back, IT was limited to embedded systems and main-frames; now, we see IT companies sprawling all over India in general and in Pune as well. ITPIO would provide a great platform for IT professionals in Pune” said Mr Gogte.

 “IT professionals from India are well known and regarded for their skills, professionalism and success – yet they do not have an organization representing their professional interest. ITPIO is a great platform for everyone from entry level to the senior most level professional” said Khanderao Kand, founder of ITPIO. “The main objective of ITPIO is to promote the professional leadership to make an Indian imprint on the progress of world”. Mr. Khanderao Kand is based in San Francisco California, and is Principal Architect and Director at Oracle Corp, USA.

Mr. Khanderao further addressed various challenges in front of the Indian IT profession. “The US Dollar rate differentiation and skilled English speaking engineers can no longer be the only driving factors for Indian IT industry in future. It needs to be supported by a quality and a reliable delivery. That’s where we need to foster Indian values like a sense of responsibility, commitment to a given word, and integrity. Additionally, Indian IT industry needs to foster innovation and move into products and open-source software areas”.

Mr. Khanderao also announced that Dr. Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman & MD of Persistent Systems, had agreed to be on the international Advisory Board of ITPIO.

The program was coordinated by Mr. Ajit Deshpande from TCS. Mr. Ajit Deshpande noted the unique contributions and developments in Pune IT. The event was attended by many prominent people of the Pune IT industry and included professionals from several firms including TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Persistent, Tech Mahindra and Symantec. Mr. Nihar Mehta thanked Symantec Corp for hosting the event. He further announced that there would be monthly public meetings of ITPIO in Pune.

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