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RiseSmart Ind Growth
By Supriya Singh

RiseSmart, a hugely successful provider of contemporary career transition services is expanding its team of operations and engineering talent in Pune, India, to support increased customer demand and global growth.

Pune native Sanjay Sathe founded RiseSmart in 2007 and built the company from the ground up by investing in the top engineering and human resources talent in Silicon Valley and India. Last month, the company was acquired for USD 100 million (Rs. 650 Crores) by Randstad, one of the largest HR services companies in the world.

The acquisition has proven the value of RiseSmart's approach to outplacement and the technology behind it, and has provided a strong return on investment for the angel and capital investors who supported RiseSmart early on. RiseSmart will continue to serve as an independent operating unit under Randstand's technology-led solutions, and Sanjay will continue to serve as RiseSmart's president and CEO.

Under Sathe’s leadership, the company has helped put transitioning employees back to work more than 60 percent faster than the national average – and typically with equal or higher pay.

"I am humbled to see this company reach the heights it has—and excited to lead this next phase of growth under Randstad" said Sathe. "Coming from Pune myself, the opportunity to bring in new, local engineering and operations talent to support our global efforts is important to me and to the future of this company. Combined with the support of Randstad and our team of human resources and product experts in the Silicon Valley headquarters, Pune's technical talent will continue to contribute to RiseSmart's explosive growth and innovation in the marketplace."

RiseSmart has consistently ranked as one of the top places to work. Similar to its Silicon Valley headquarters, the Pune Development Center has extremely low turnover, with employees happy to make a long-term commitment to their careers with the company. In turn, RiseSmart honors its Pune employees with great perks, such as free breakfast and lunch, among other benefits.

Photo: Opening of RiseSmart new offices in India.

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