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Archis Tech Conf
By Asha

A Maharashtra-wide Co-operative Banks, Cooperative Credit Societies and Micro-Finance Companies' Technology Conference (Swa-Tantra-Dnyan Sahakar Parishad - 2015) was held at Hotel Ramee Grand, Pune. The conference was attended by the senior management of co-operative banks, co-operative credit societies and microfinance companies across Maharashtra.

The conference was addressed by a number of domain experts and guest speakers, including Mr Dilip Tikle, a technology expert, and Mr Achyut Godbole, technocrat and best-selling author. The major emphasis of each of the speakers was on cooperative banks, credit societies and microfinance companies to overcome the technological hurdle and make the paradigm shift to the digital age using tangible solutions that give quick and credible returns. A presentation by Mr V Ratnakar, AVP (Financial Inclusion) of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), emphasized the inescapable need for cooperative banks to move to platforms such as IMPS, NACH, Wallets, NEFT and RTGS.

The conference was organized by Archis Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, an Operations Management company with expertise in providing core support and IT-enabled services to leading organizations.

Mr Sanjay Dhavalikar, Founder & Director, Archis Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, with a combined domain experience of 25+ years in banking, financial services, and insurance, started Archis Business Solutions Pvt Ltd in January 2014 with the objective to provide the BFSI & ITES industry a trusted partner offering cost-effective solutions. Mumbai headquartered Archis has a 100+ strong team of professionals

Photo: (from left to right): Arvind Khalatkar, Chairman, Janata Bank, Pune;  Vijay Dewangan, Organising Secretary, Shahkar Bharati;  Satish Marathe, Chairman of Sahakar Bharti;  Sanjay Dhavalikar, Founder & Director, Archis Business Solutions Pvt Ltd;  Shekhar Charegaonkar, Chairman of Maharashtra State Cooperatives Council;  Vidyadhar Vaishampayan, Director, NAFCAB & TJSB Bank Ltd. and Dr Mukund Abhyankar, Chairman NAFCAB & Cosmos Bank.

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