Wednesday, March 21, 2018 | 10:12:20 AM
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OWC Digital @India
By Sandhya

OWC Digital, a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company, has launched operations in India. OWC, which began operations in 1988 in USA, specializes in upgrade solutions, professional storage, and high performance memory that enable Apple computers to go further.

Speaking on the Company's foray in the Indian market, Mr. Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, OWC said, "India is poised for exponential growth in the years to come and with its ambitious programs like Make in India and Digital India, we see there is a huge opportunity for us to work closely with partners here and contribute to the country's economy and customers, by our path breaking technological upgrades and solutions. India will be the hub for us, for all Southeast Asian markets, and we see a great and sustainable business opportunity for us here in the long run."

Commenting on his plans for India operations, Ankoor B Sarkar, Executive Director, OWC APAC Pvt. Ltd. said, "India has a big market for upgrades and enhancement solutions. Industries today are constantly and consistently looking toward evolving faster and more efficient ways of scaling up work and businesses. With India soaring to new heights, I am certain that we have made the right choice by choosing India as a business destination outside U.S. market and I believe we are here at just the right time."

Photo: U.S.-Based OWC's Founder & CEO Mr. Larry O'Connor & ED Mr. Ankoor B. Sarkar

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