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Techie Poetry Book
By Asha

Mohit Garg aka Manmauj studied at the Delhi College of Engineering followed by a Post-graduation in Marketing and Finance from MDI.  Mohit is currently working as an IT professional at an MNC in Gurgaon

Mohit (pictured above on left) has written a Hindi poetry book “Zardozi Ehsaas - Jo Bhi Ho… Jahan Bhi Ho… Mere Alfaaz Tumhe Dhoondh hi Lenge” 

Like many first time writers and poets, Mohit initially had to struggle with numerous hurdles in order to find a suitable publisher for his book. He chose Delhi based self-publishing company Educreation Publishing to bring his creative talents to a larger audience.

While explaining his inspiration behind the book and his future directives, he says, “Main Inspiration behind the book is the 'heartbreak'. I always had the interest in good poetic lines but never thought of writing myself or felt so creative that I do now. But when someone broke my heart unnecessarily, I didn't know how to get through that period. I never liked anybody in life as I liked that person. A challenge for me was that I need to look happy in front of my parents, my friends so that they don't feel sad for me.”

“Zardozi Ehsaas - Jo Bhi Ho… Jahan Bhi Ho… Mere Alfaaz Tumhe Dhoondh hi Lenge” is available on Amazon, Flipkart,, Infibeam, Paytm, Rediff Books, Google Playstore, Kindle, and many other places.

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