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Shhhh Nohonkplease
By Suneetha.B

No! That’s not me shushing you to shut off your horn; but Bala Venkata, Lakshmi Ramachandran, Naina Hegde, Sunita De Sousa and a whole lot of techies from Bangalore who are on a mission of peace. And again, No, it’s nothing to do with terrorism or war, but peace, man, pure peace in life while you drive or read or simply relax on your balcony. If that loud honk has long been your bane, then join the young techies in their community participatory project in bringing awareness to Bangalore.

They have a number of well written blogs on the topic as well, populated with lots of information on the ill-effects of noise pollution as well as what is expected as an end result of the campaign. They have held press conferences and street demos with lots of posters made in Kannada, so as to educate the sound-junkie with no literacy in English as well. The average citizen, these techies say, is unaware of the real ill-effects of high decibels of sound on human health.

By the 25th of November, the group plans to build public awareness on the ill effects of sound in more than 30 schools and colleges and in the media. They also will reach out to auto drivers and have 500 autos fix their silencers and go below the prescribed level. In addition the group will meet the regulators to implement the laws and request that noise pollution be added to the emission pollution check.

For more information click on this link.

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