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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Talented Techie pens fourth Book
By Suneetha

He has three books of diverse genres under his belt. And the next book due in June 2013 is about Sherlock Holmes in Japan, where Holmes is a vegetarian, and learns Indian Classical Violin. Writer, animal welfare activist, traveller, shutterbug, musician, speaker / facilitator, Vasudev Murthy wears many hats, is a techie, and also drives Functional Consulting at a large IT firm. More...

MIPP Award for Canvera Founders
By Suneetha

Peeyush Rai, and his comrade in zoom Dhiraj Kacker, of have been recently recognized as among the top 10 most influential persons in the field of photography by an international magazine. Peeyush Rai, a mechanical engineer, is an IITB alumnus and has been with the software industry since 1993 with organizations such as newScale, Centrata, Oracle, Corio and Euclid. More...

Nithya Rajaram: Startup Success
By Arti

Co-founder of two ventures, Nithya Rajaram, with her vast real world experiences, has a good idea what works best in the technology world.  Her first venture 'Muziboo' - a music sharing and networking site, was the genesis for the next startup. Nithya and colleagues have launched Helpdesk Software SupportBee for small and medium businesses to provide email support to customers. More...

Techie writes One Last Time
By Resmi Jaimon

Shubham Arora studied Chemical Engineering at Ahmedabad before starting his career as a Software Developer at tech giant Infosys.  Based in Jaipur,  his first book was titled ‘Love Chemistry and those little reactions’.  His latest book ‘One Last Time’ tries to explore the thoughts of a person in the last moments of their mortal life. His other creative interest is filmmaking. More...

A Fashion startup gets MS boost
By Arti

Finally, an online "fashion" venture was interesting and promising enough to grab the attention of the largest software firm Microsoft. LabelGuild, started by two beautiful and talented women - Disha Bhandari & Akanksha Khanna, has been chosen from among 350 early stage tech startups from every corner of India for the prestigious Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure program. More...

TCS Techie turns Film Maker
By Hitesh Shetty

The booming IT Sector in India has empowered many highly qualified Techies to take a chance to pursue their heart felt calling.  Meet Venkat Siddareddy, who after a successful career as a Software Engineer at India’s No 1 tech major TCS and later at Patni, and with strong support from his wife left IT to become a Filmmaker. His film Case 666 is a tribute to Blair Witch Project. More...

Mumbai Techie’s Debut Novel
By Suneetha

He has been an IT Professional since 10 years and has a computer engineering degree from VESIT, Mumbai University. He likes to read and write books and trying to publish one book, wrote three of them. Jayanand Ukey, author of ‘When the Signal Turns Red’ is all beaming pride at his debut. “This is my first published work. I feel immortalized as I finally see my name in print.” More...

Techie Couple win Rs. 75L Flat
By Resmi Jaimon

Indians love Realty Shows and it is a multi billion rupees business in the country. The winners are rewarded with lucrative cash and gifts and go on to receive widespread public attention even after the show is over. But the only Realty Show in India won by a highly qualified Techie couple was 'Veruthe Alla Bhariya' where Sam George and Viji Sam won a flat worth Rs. 75 Lakhs. More...

Teradata Award for Ganesh Arcot
By Arti

Teradata is one of the most successful analytic data solutions company focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications that provide actionable business intelligence. They have more than 10000 associates in 42 countries. To highlight the volunteer work of Teradata employees worldwide, Teradata every year gives 5 Celebration of Caring Awards. More...

Dev Saha on ‘The Brotherhood’
By Hitesh Shetty

Dev Saha did a Bachelor of Computer Science from Pune and followed it up with an MBA in Marketing.  He has worked for a number of blue chip companies including German tech giant SAP.  Recently, Dev wrote ‘The Brotherhood’ whose story line is about an honest police officer, Ranjit Sanyal, who after losing his family in a terror attack, stumbles on to a Cabal who run the country. More...

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