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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Tech Boss taps Indian creativity
By Bala Shah and DJ

Tech hub Gurgaon head quartered Rovolt Entertainment Services was founded in 2010. Rovolt specializes in creating IP in domains like Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Mobile Applications and Animation Videos. One of its main aims is to bring together the best creative and artistic talent from the developing world and giving them the able guidance of leading editors from the West. More...

Techie’s Film against Corruption
By Suneetha

Filmmaker, novelist, entrepreneur and cartoonist, he spent several years in the media and internet industries, and is the Founder Director of Delnex Media Private Limited, which runs the shopping portal Tiffly.com. Previously he had launched the entertainment portal Fundoofun.com and financial portal Convixer.com. Meet K.V. Gautam, author and film director, who wears many hats. More...

Goodbye Tech Hello Thrillophilia
By Suneetha

It’s not unusual nowadays for techies to taper off into unique professions. Follow your heart, is what works. In case of Chitra Daga, SAP expert and one of the founders of Thrillophilia, the passion for outdoors did the trick. A bad experience on a weekend trip inspired Chitra and her comrades to launch an adventure sports portal which has grown leaps and bounds. Meet Ms. Daga. More...

Techie Celebrates Third Novel
By Suneetha

Rohit Gore has written three novels and been in the Consulting and IT industry for the last one decade. In his childhood, his ambitions wandered from a theatre actor, an architect and a bookshop owner, but after an engineering degree, an MBA from S P Jain Institute and some aamchi Mumbai life, he is now a Punekar with his wife Pranita. Meet this history, music and sports buff. More...

Just Married, Please Excuse
By Resmi Jaimon

Her website modestly describes her as a ‘Working Mother of Three. Also now an Author. My book ‘Just Married, Please Excuse’ is available!’  What her site fails to highlight is that Ms. Yashodhara Lal studied at the prestigious IIM Bangalore and then forged a very successful career working at blue chip Hindustan Lever and later at media giant Hindustan Times Internet Division. More...

Goodbye Tech Hello Organika
By Hitesh Shetty

The booming IT-BPO industry has enabled many Techies to pursue their talents and passions.  Meet Anusha Katta who studied Engineering at Osmania University, India and then did a Masters in Computer Science from USA.  After more than a decade of working for blue chip tech majors like Intel and Citrix, she co-founded Hyderabad’s first authentic Frozen Yogurt and Bubble Tea store. More...

Techies Theatre Group makes waves
By Suneetha

The Bard said ‘All world is a stage’; these techies of Manch Theatre believe at least Hyderabad is so. Run by a few tech professionals, Manch started as a Hobby Club, and with their long hours of practice, it grew from one success to the next. Manch is Hindi for stage. Their Facebook page says they are The Theatre Group at Infosys Hyd; Riyaz Usman tells us what more Manch is. More...

Ms. Kannokada: Seeta from Stanford
By Hitesh Shetty

While the booming IT industry in India has enabled many Techies to pursue their talents and passions, the yearning to do the same is equally strong for some who have migrated to USA.  Meet Ivy League Stanford trained Engineer and Mayfield Fellow (given to study high-tech entrepreneurship) Melanie Kannokada who quit a lucrative job with McKinsey to pursue her dream of acting. More...

Bhasa inspired Techie’s hit Novel
By Suneetha

Anand Neelakantan’s hero is the anti-hero of mythology, Ravana. At a time when retellings are in vogue, this IOC Engineer admits to have been curious about the ‘other stories’ of mythology from his childhood. His book ‘Asura: Tale of the Vanquished’ is climbing the charts within a month of its release. Anand speaks about his trysts with Bhasa and his readings of the Ramayana. More...

Blood, sweat and social work
By Hitesh Shetty

The booming IT industry has enabled many Techies to pursue their talents and passions. While the traditional path is to finish college, work for a few years, save and launch a startup, there are those who are courageous and confident enough to skip college.  Meet Karthik Naralasetty who left Rutgers to launch his startup and separately his social service initiative Socialblood. More...

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