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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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Engineer transforms into Ek Titli
By Hitesh Shetty

The booming IT-ITES industry in India has empowered many Tech Specialists to leave lucrative careers with blue chip tech majors and launch their own startups.  Engineer Vaibhav Dugar, who studied Electronics and Telecommunications, quit a job with a Media company to help launch a Green Tech startup Ek Titli whose slogan is ‘Positive Green News’. TG caught up with Vaibhav Dugar More...

Indian Techie with a World Kick
By Suneetha

Raised in Pune and currently working there, Techie Sidhu Kshetri has literally kicked his way to the top. He holds two Guinness Records for his Taekwondo feats. The first for ‘The Most Martial art kicks in one minute using one leg only’ and the second one for ‘The most martial art kicks in 30 minutes using one leg only’. Techgoss chats with Kshetri on Taekwondo kicks and more. More...

Techie Historian wins Litprize
By Suneetha

Rohit Manchanda has juggled the alphabet and the laboratory since some time, and penned three books including a very worthwhile narrative history of the first 50 years of Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay. Recently, this Professor at the Biomedical Engineering Group, IIT Bombay shared a One Lakh Rs worth Britain based prestigious literary award with another Indian writer. More...

Indian Techie is Facebook Fellow
By Suneetha

A full payment for their 2012-13 tuition, a $30,000 stipend to cover study expenses, $5,000 for conference travel, and $2,500 for a personal computer. More than a good deal?  This is the Facebook grant for their 2012-13 Fellows. Rashmi K V, at UC Berkeley, and the only Indian National on the exclusive list, is among the bright well qualified dozen selected from 300 applications. More...

Techie pens short story anthology
By Suneetha

It’s mostly a ‘slice of life’ but Technology Manager Dheeraj Chauhan’s short story anthology touches a chord with most people. His choices of premise resonate with what all of us see as we pass through life day in and day out, rightly indicated by the title ‘Behind the Windows’. Techgoss meets up with this NIT Allahabad, IIM Lucknow alumnus and avid movie buff for a short chat. More...

IITians write The Game Changers
By Suneetha

They bring you those never narrated before stories of tech entrepreneurship in India, and do away with the belief that great companies are built only in the West.  They have worked hard to compile twenty such inspiring stories of their alumni into a book ‘The Game Changers’. Meet Yuvnesh Modi, Alok Kothari and Rahul Kumar, from IIT Kharagpur and their  book that’s making waves. More...

Anu: Techie, Teacher and Triathlete
By Hitesh Shetty

The booming IT industry in India has empowered many Tech Specialists to make more time to pursue their passions. Techgoss catches up with Bangalore born and raised Dr. Anu Vaidyanathan who has earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering in record time, hacked Linux and open source at IBM,  taught at IIT and IIM – all while becoming the most successful Indian female Triathlete ever. More...

Why Rishi gave $8000 to Milaap
By Hitesh Shetty describes itself as ‘an online platform that enables you to lend to India's working poor so they can get access to education, clean water, energy and more. It’s a loan, not a donation. This means you get your full loan amount back once your borrower repays it.’ One of its co-founders Sourabh has a successful record with startups and helped launch Milaap in June 2010. More...

MacArthur Fellow Shwetak Patel
By Suneetha

Shwetak Patel, known for his software which helps consumers conserve energy better, is well recognised in the field. He co-founded a residential energy monitoring start-up ‘Zensi’ in 2008 while in graduate school. Shwetak was nominated a Fellow at Microsoft Research Faculty in July and is now a MacArthur Fellow.  Each MacArthur Fellow gets a no strings attached $500,000 grant. More...

Techie film on the IT-Mafia link
By Suneetha

Bangalore bred techie Nagendra, who moved to USA in 2000, literally lives for his passion, films. He has already been involved with two films; one in Kannada and the next titled Mumbhai Connection (note the spelling) which narrates an IT-Mafia nexus and is going places. Techgoss caught up with award winning ‘Atlanta Nagendra’, his name is his tribute to the city he lives in. More...

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