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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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IPL Girl: 5000 Facebook requests
By Suneetha


IPL and blogs seem to be fated to controversy. Last year, the Fake IPL Player put all IPL players on tenterhooks with his riveting blog then walked away with a book deal and a column. This year, the IPL Girl has grabbed the limelight with a newsy and now shot-down blog, as well as a twitter account. Gabriella Pasqualotto, from South Africa, is the youngster behind the IPL Girl. More...

Persistent consistent in social work
By Nina Mukherji

Persistent Systems is a global IT company with over 6300 employees. They are focused on developing best in class solutions in four key areas: Cloud, Mobility, BI & Analytics and Collaboration. They have over 300 customers spread across North America, Europe and Asia. For more than two decades, Persistent has partnered with innovative enterprises and the largest tech brands. More...

Indian Oracle DBA makes millions
By Shalini Singh

While general social networking websites like Orkut and Facebook have the numbers in India, LinkedIn dominates the business and senior executive niche.  Many senior Indian executives can be found at LinkedIn networking and sharing their knowledge. Reid Hoffman is the founder of LinkedIn with an excellent track record of investing in other startups like Digg, Flickr, Ning and FB More...

How Bangalore Calling was written
By Suneetha

Life at call centres is fascinating, but still a mystery to many of the outsiders. Stanford Uni educated Brinda S Narayan’s debut novel ‘Bangalore Calling’ has a narration that introduces you to a BPO, but its fiction that evaluates the social cost of it all, to the Indian as well as the non Indian faces in the multi billion dollar booming BPO sector. Techgoss speaks to Brinda. More...

IIT graduates turn to ISKCON
By Nina Mukherji

The meaning of life, finding yourself and discovering God are questions that many individuals are seeking answers to. And not just monks sitting in a monastery high atop a hill. But regular people - young and old alike from different walks of life are looking for these answers. In fact, we found some IIT graduates giving up their careers in order to follow a spiritual path. More...

IBM: Top Company for Tech Women
By Techgirl

US-based Anita Borg Institute is one of the most successful activist organizations in the world of technology. The Anita Borg Institute seeks to increase the impact of women on all aspects of technology, and increase the positive impact of technology on the world’s women.  Its Board includes Prith Banerjee, Senior Vice President, Research, and Director, HP Labs, Hewlett Packard More...

How Indian science is taking over
By Suneetha

A Master’s in Engineering Science from Oxford, a career in Science journalism in Europe with names like BBC and also a number of awards. Now a debut book ‘Geek Nation: How Indian science is taking over the world’ which is a product of almost a year through India’s geek corridors. Angela Saini’s successful book tour of India ended this month, and she is now back home in London. More...

Teen Animator in world record
By Hitesh Shetty

At the tender age of 12, Sindhuja Rajaraman has achieved more than most do in a lifetime.  Sindhuja, an expert in 2-D Animation, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest CEO ever.  Even her School has recognized her amazing abilities and given her a year off to work at her own company. Like most Indian youngsters, she credits her parents for her success. More...

Entertainment Engineers from IIT
By Suneetha

They have degrees from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, but have put aside lucrative tech jobs to make their living the ‘funny’ way. Nitin, Vipul, Tushar, Kiran and Sumeet are in a job where they stand up and stand out too. Meet the Entertainment Engineers, who see more than jokes in comedy. Nitin Gupta, the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) talks to TG More...

How techies rallied for Anna Hazare
By Nina Mukherji

Bangalore based employees of tech giant Wipro organised a rally to show their support for Anna Hazare and his fight against corruption. Techies from Infosys and Hewlett Packard also joined hands with them in support of this noble cause. Techgoss caught up with Sridhar Chinnadurai from Wipro to know more about the protest and how they relate to this campaign against corruption. More...

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