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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
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No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
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Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
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USA IP Alliance:  thumbs down to India
By Bala Shah

Despite some flaws, capitalism has proved to be the only system that has brought material prosperity to India.  One of the essential elements of capitalism is respect and reward of the men and women who own copyright.  The trick is to find a balance between copyright and the immediate need to help the poor. More...

India asked Google to remove content 142 times in 2009
By Sandhya

Google has always set high standards for itself when it comes to the question of supporting ordinary citizens against their Governments.  While Google is not perfect, it is clearly the most enlightened among internet companies.  Only Google had the courage to stand up to the totalitarian Chinese regime. More...

Arjun Basu wins prestigious Twitter award
By Suneetha

Arjun Basu is a Master of micro-fiction on Twitter.  Canada-based Arjun’s ‘Twisters’ or short stories told via the 140 character limitations of  Twitter have become so popular that he recently won the Literature category of the Shorty Awards set up to honour the ‘best individuals and companies’ on Twitter. More...

US Govt: $1000 for papers on Cyber Security
By Sandhya

A recently concluded competition organized by PayPal gave $50,000 in cash and another $50,000 in waived transaction fees to the best application which could be used on its payment system.  An ongoing Nokia competition ‘Calling All Innovators’ gives a first prize of $30,000 to the best application for its phones. More...

BBC: 69 percent Indians can live without net
By Bala Shah

The BBC has a proud tradition of free and fearless reporting.  Before the liberalization of their economy and media, many Indians relied on BBC to tell them what was happening in their own country.  So, when BBC published a report ‘Four in Five Regard Internet Access as a Fundamental Right’, Indian media lapped it up. More...

Google: Risk losing our Trademark
By Shalini Singh

Google is the dominant search engine in the world and has 70%of the Indian market.  It has cash reserves of $25 Billion.  Like all American companies, it can count on the Government’s backing to protect its copyrights and Trademark. Google gets 53 percent of its total revenues from outside USA. But it seems that Google fears it may lose its Trademark. More...

How HyTech won a NASSCOM Gender Inclusivity award
By Sumir Singh

NASSCOM, which is the voice of the booming Indian IT-ITES sectors, announced its Gender Inclusivity Awards in Dec, 2009.  NOIDA-based HyTech Professionals India Ltd was honoured with the NASSCOM Award for Excellence in Gender Inclusivity for the Best Emerging Company which has been in existence for less then 5 years. More...

How UK rates outsourcing companies
By Ria Sharma

UK based EquaTerra specializes in IT and business processes and claims credit for more than 2,000 transformation and outsourcing projects across more than 60 countries. While such reports are always subjective, EquaTerra has published UK rating of the different IT-ITES outsourcing companies. In 2009, of the top five, 4 are of European origin and only 1 is Indian. More...

Dr. Sujit Saraf: Scientist and successful author
By Suneetha

Another IITian turned writer, he has traveled all the way from Bihar to Darjeeling to Delhi to NASA to Palo Alto. But his heart and soul have remained Indian, so Indian that he writes commentaries of even politics in India. Meet Sujit Saraf, author of ‘The Peacock Throne’ and ‘The Confession of Sultana Daku.’ More...

Techie takes pay cut to promote Sci-Fi for Indians
By Suneetha

Desi Sci-Fi and intensive workshops for Indian writers, how does that sound together? Meet Anil Menon, a techie who is giving his whole heart to the Desi-SF project which hopes to inspire more Indian writers into reading Desi-Science Fiction and writing it as well. Here is the chat Techgoss had with him. More...

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